Saturday's game with Holy Cross, in which the University team scored 19 points to its opponents' none, showed two things clearly; namely, that the changes in the rules which have been the cause of a good deal of skepticism among followers of football have not spoiled the game, and that the Harvard squad has on it men who may be depended upon to turn out a team well up to the standard. Holy Cross, indeed, was not as strong as advance notices gave to understand, but it was nevertheless encouraging to see the University line hold and the backs tear around end and plunge through the line at will. The game was an interesting one to watch, for there was a variety of playing such as is seldom seen; forward passes were prettily executed, line plunges were cleanly done, runs in from kicks were spectacular, end runs were done behind well formed interference, and shift plays and delayed passes were used profusely. Moreover, though the teams were not evenly matched, Holy Cross did her full share to make the game exciting.

Outcome of Game Never in Doubt.

From the moment the ball landed in Captain Wendell's arms after the first kickoff, there was not a doubt as to the outcome of the game. He carried it in from the 10-yard line to within five yards of the centre of the field. From there 10 rushes sufficed to carry the ball straight over the line for a touchdown, after which Hitchcock kicked the goal. In this march down the field Wendell, H. Hardwick, and Brickley shared honors, the first being given the ball on the final plunge thus scoring his first touchdown for the year.


Holy Cross kicked off again, this time to Hardwick on the 15-yard line, and he imitated Wendell for 20 yards. The latter then rushed 10 yards for first down placing the ball on his 45-yard line. Here, for some unknown reason, Felton was called on to send a 50-yard punt down the field, thus giving Holy Cross the ball for the first time. She managed to gain about 20 yards by means of quick shifts and fake kicks, but was penalized for off-side play. A wide end run was tried to get back the lost distance but the ball was fumbled, to be recovered by Parmenter off the field. Another march began and placed the ball on the 3-yard line, from where Wendell was again sent through. But the ball was dropped and recovered by a Holy Cross player for a touchdown. It was scrimmaged from the 20-yard line, but after three plays the quarter ended without any again for Holy Cross.

Hardwick's Running Featured Second Quarter.


The second quarter began with a long punt from McCabe to Hardwick in the centre of the field, and, with a 30-yard run in which he dodged a half-dozen tacklers, the latter placed the ball on the 20-yard line. It looked like another score, but Holy Cross held on the 2-yard line and punted out. Brickley tried a goal from the 30-yard line on a fair catch but the ball went wide. Holy Cross scrimmaged from her 20-yard line, but, as O'Brien was thrown for a loss of 10 yards, a punt was needed. Hardwick again took the ball on the 45-yard line and ran in 35 yards, the second longest gain of the day. He then made two plunges and placed the ball over the line. No goal was kicked.

Another charge down the field was headed by Wendell who this time covered 40 yards from the 10-yard line. Bradlee had taken Hardwick's place and with Brickley and Wendell swept down the field, for average distances of five yards, until Brickley went across for the last score, a touchdown from which no goal was kicked. Again the march began, but this time the whistle ended it before a score.

Substitutes Played Second Half.

The second half was played by the substitutes, who were weaker but far from bad. In this half Holy Cross was given a better chance to show her skill, and succeeded once in getting the ball into Harvard territory as far as the 12-yard line. But there her runners were thrown for losses of 15 yards and the danger was over. Bradlee in this half succeeded in getting off some good gains which showed him almost in a class with the first string men, and H. Frothingham, who played at end for the first time, was responsible for several good tackles which caused large losses for Holy Cross.

Backs Played Brilliantly.

Little can be said for the individuals of the team except the backs. The men played together all the time, showing the dash which was so marked in the Yale game last year. The tackles and ends were always together in the plays and tackled like one man. The guards and centre were solid and determined, though perhaps not brilliant.

How Teams Compared.

Harvard made 16 first downs from scrimmage to 4 for Holy Cross and charged 300 yards, (235 in the first half) from scrimmage, to 110 for Holy Cross (including 50 yards for forward passes). Harvard tried four forward passes, which failed; Holy Cross tried seven, succeeded in three in the second half, and netted 50 yards thereby. Harvard was penalized 35 yards; Holy Cross only 10. And in the first half Holy Cross had the ball only 4 times, gained only 25 yards and never had it outside her own 33 yard line.

The summary:

HARVARD.  HOLY CROSS.Felton, Smith, Weatherhead, l.e.  r.e., MetevierHitchcock, T. Frothingham, l.t.  r.t., PickettPennock, Weston, l.g.  r.g., Quinn, Cahill, VogelParmenter, Wigglesworth, c.  c., DeMarco, VogelDriscoll, Withington, r.g.  l.g., DavittStorer, Beebe, r.t.  l.t., OstergrenF. O'Brien, Smith, H. Frothingham, r.e.  l.e., McCabeGardner, Logan, q.b.  q.b., Mullin, McCarthyH. Hardwick, Bradlee, Lingard, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Carmody, LeeBrickley, Bradlee, r.h.b.  l.h.b., O'BrienWendell, Bettle, T. Hardwick f.b.  f.b., Donovan, Brawle

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