To be Kept in Thayer Common Room.--Will Tabulate Times for Meetings.

The Student Council, in pursuance of the plan which has been so beneficial in previous years, will again this year keep a card index, known as the Date-Book, giving the occurrence and location, as far in advance as possible, of all activities within the University. This will include:

1. All lectures, concerts, readings, plays, debates, and other entertainments open to the University, under whatever auspices,--whether Faculty, department, Union, Brooks House, or clubs,--provided the event takes place in Cambridge.

2. All athletic events of the University, open to the University, and held in Cambridge.

3. First or "organization" meetings of all clubs.

4. University and Brooks House religious exercises (daily and Sunday Chapel, Christian Association, etc).

5. Class elections, smokers, dances, etc.

6. Meetings of all registered clubs.

The purpose of this Date-Book is to prevent conflicts and to furnish and easy and convenient means to men in the University of finding out coming events.

In order to make this Date-Book a success all those in charge of the activities mentioned in the above list must send information concerning time and place of meetings to the secretary of the Date-Book, W. L. Ustick '13, Thayer 57, who is in charge of the index.

The Date-Book will not be kept in the Union as heretofore, but in the Common Room of Thayer Hall, where the Student Council will have its offices this year.