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The fall work of the baseball squad ended last Thursday, after a period of about five weeks, during which twenty-six games were played. A good opportunity was thus offered for examinations of the material at hand. Considering the limitations for development imposed on an undergraduate, playing perhaps only eighty games during his college career, the large number of vacant positions to be filled, and the inadequacy of cage work, the motives for the fall practice are clear. The results have been in some degree satisfactory.

In response to the call for candidates about 50 men appeared, a rather large number considering the many baseball men engaged in football. Favorable weather and a very gratifying spirit have facilitated definite results, but the problem confronting Captain Wingate and Coach Sexton is still a difficult one, as the loss of men by graduation makes necessary the construction of practically an entire new team. With this in view, the fall work has been pushed to the utmost, players being coached for particular positions with especial emphasis laid on their team-work with men in other positions.

The final cut leaves the following men to report for spring practice:

Infielders,--1b., S. P. Clark 14 and R. R. Ayres '15; 2b., A. F. Winter 14. R. West '15, and J, Winlock '15: 3b., P. L. Dillon '14, and M. B. Phillips '15; s.s., Captain D. J. P. Wingate '14 and M. L. Bernson '15.

Outfielders.--C. W. Curtis, Jr., '14, R. T. Gannett '15, E. H. Alsop '15, P. K. Randall '14, and R. R. Frye '15.

Catchers.--S. P. Clark '14, R. P. Osborn '14, and R. R. Ayres '15.

Pitchers.--S. D. Stevens '15, A. D. Macdonald '15, D. B. Buffum '14, N. Sturgis '14, H. C. Bird '14, and R. B. Frye '15.

In the spring this number will be augmented by the addition of the men whose work in other fall sports has prevented their participation in baseball.

The following Freshman candidates also joined in the fall practice; F. Boyer, F. G. Fripp, N. W. Kenny, P. W. Simons, S. Sewall, and others who worked with the squad irregularly.

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