Neither Seems to Have Decided Advantage.--Weather Conditions May Count a Good Deal in Result.

Neither Yale nor Princeton appears to have much advantage in the game to be played at Princeton this afternoon. While the Yale team has not lost a game during the season, it only succeeded in scoring six points against West Point, which was beaten by Carlisle last week 27 to 6. Princeton, on the other hand, although defeating Dartmouth by a large score, lost to Harvard 16 to 6. The advantage today will undoubtedly depend considerably on the condition of the field, a wet field aiding the heavy Yale team, while a firm dry turf will permit the fast Princeton backfield to play to the best advantage.

Work Light at Princeton.

Every precaution has been taken at Princeton to prevent any injuries to the first team men by scrimmage on the wet field of the past three days. Much attention has been paid to punting drill and it is now expected that DeWitt will probably do the majority of this work in today's game, as he gets his kicks away quicker than either Waller or Penfield. H. Baker has also done some very satisfactory work in place kicking and will probably be given a chance to show his ability in this direction. All of the men are in the best of condition and the team in its last game will face Yale at its full strength.

Yale has Worked Hard.

In contrast to the work at Princeton the Yale team has worked hard in scrimmage every day this week. Particular attention has been given to the defence, both the second team and Freshman being given the ball for long periods at a time against the varsity. Considerable improvement has taken place in the line's strength in this respect and the Yale coaches feel certain that neither Princeton nor Harvard will be able to gain consistently on straight line rushes. Few injuries have hampered the work of the team. The end positions which have been alternated frequently will probably be played by Bomeisler and Avery, while Wheeler will start at quarterback. Cornell has recently been playing at halfback where he has appeared to advantage.