For University Team.--Freshmen to Meet Andover on Soldiers Field.

The University association football team will play the team of the American Association of Marine Draughts men at Quincy this afternoon at 2.45 o'clock. Quincy is well known as a soccer football centre, teams from there having held the championship of Greater Boston several times during the past few years. The Draughtsmen's team is considered one of the best elevens of the country and should put up a very strong game against the University team.

The University team will line up as follows: g., Nichols; r.b., Barron; l.b., Rushmore; r.h.b., Grant, Carson; c.h.b., Francke; l.h.b., Weston; r.o.f., Needham; r.i.f., S. Hopkins; c.f., Jennings; l.i.f., Carnochan, Devereux; l.o.f., West.

Freshmen to Meet Andover.

The Freshman team will play the second game of its fall schedule with Andover on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Although the University team had little difficulty in defeating Andover two weeks ago, the game will be a hard one for the Freshmen.

The line-up: g., De Camp; r.b., King; l.b., Bigelow; r.h.b., Dean; c.h.b., Wood; l.h.b., Whistler; r.o.f., Bush; r.i.f., Allen; c. f., Schall; l. i .f., Moffatt; l. o. f., Hughes.