All Football Authorities Unite in Praising Coach Haughton, and Conslstency of Harvard Team's Work.

In writing up last Saturday's game with Yale for the New York Times, Walter Camp says:

"It was an overwhelming defeat and there are no excuses. Harvard brought down a splendidly finished team good in all-round play, with a consistent kicking game worked to its limit against a team unable to handle punts. The Harvard team deserves every credit."

Parke H. Davis of the New York Herald summarizes the game as follows:

"Why did Harvard win?"

"Because she presented the better balanced eleven with a first class player in each position."


"Why did Yale lose?"

"Because her team was outplayed by a better team, playing by far the better game."

Coach Haughton on Yale's Fumbles.

In discussing the fumbling by Yale players Coach Haughton declared:

"Felton's high spiral punts had the Yale backs guessing. They should not be blamed for making fumbles."

W. D. Sullivan of the Boston Globe voiced the very general opinion that "Harvard's notable victory was not due to the achievements of any one, two or three stars, but it came to the Crimson because Coach Haughton and his assistants had drilled their pupils in the Stadium until they ran off their plays like clock-work."

Again, the Transcript declares:

"Harvard was a team on Saturday in every sense of the word, and not eleven star players."

Referee Langford in Boston Globe.

The comments of Referee Langford in the Globe should be authoritative.