Arlington High Winner, 13 to 25.--Won In Time Six Seconds Faster Than Freshman Record for Course.

The Freshman cross-country team was defeated by the Arlington High team at Chestnut Hill yesterday by a score of 13 to 25.

Captain G. Goldsmith and J. Zwinge of Arlington fought it out for first place, the former winning in the remarkable time of 18 minutes 14 seconds, 2-3 of a second ahead of his team-mate. This is by 6 seconds the best time ever made in a Freshman meet over this three-mile course.

The first four men on each team counted. The order at the finish was as follows: 1, Goldsmith, Arlington, 18m., 14s.; 2, J. Zwinge, Arlington, 18m., 14 3-5s.; 3, W. W. Kent '16, 18m., 20s.; 4, A. Wunderlich, Arlington, 18m., 30s.; 5, E. McC. Peters '16, 18m., 37s.; 6, C. Adams, Arlington, 18m., 43s.; 7, H. Kimball, Arlington, 18m., 46s.; 8, W. Edgar '16, 18m., 53s.; 9, J. S. Sprague '16, 18m., 53 2-5s.; 10, F. R. Devereux '16, 18m., 53 3-5s.; 11, B. E. Fuller '16, 18m., 54s.; 12, W. Sinclair, Arlington, 19m., 50s.; 13, B. M. Fullerton '16, 19m., 57s.; 14, P. Johnson, Arlington, 20m., 18s.

1916 Cross-Country Captain.

W. W. Kent '16 was elected captain of the Freshman cross-country team after the Arlington run yesterday. Kent prepared at Montclair Academy, Montclair, N. J. His track experience has been principally in the half-mile.


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