Plan to Give $300 to New Students Until Each State in Union Has Four Men in Harvard.

The Associated Harvard Clubs have arranged to offer 11 scholarships each of $300 and each to be awarded to some man in those states of the Union which have a representation of less than four men in the University. The ultimate plan is to ensure for the registration in every incoming class of a representative from each and every one of the United States. This follows somewhat the line of the Rhodes' Scholarships in England.

The award is to be made in the fall of 1913 to a man entering the Freshman class, and is to be held for a single year. This sum of $300 will be liberal enough to adequately cover the heavy travelling expenses to and from College from distant states. "Thereafter, men of ability can secure other College aid or employment sufficient to carry them forward. If there be no well-qualified candidate for admission to the Freshman class, then the scholarship may be awarded to any applicant from such state who shall be approved by the Scholarship Committee of the Associated Harvard Clubs."

All States Represented In Four Years.

On the basis of founding scholarships in those states whose representation is less than four, there are fourteen states in which the awards will eventually be made. From the official figures of 1911-12, these states and their present representation in the College are as follows: Arizona, North Carolina, and South Dakota, none; Delaware, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Wyoming, 1 each; Arkansas, New Mexico, Florida, Idaho, and Utah, 2 each; West Virginia, 3.

Although only 11 scholarships have been provided for so far, it is expected that the list of 14 will soon be complete. "Thus in four years there should be four men in the University from each state, a permanent pledge of the continued democracy of the University, while thereafter there would be graduates returning to every state carrying back the spirit of Harvard, fertile seed for new growth, influence and power."