The following is a complete list of the holders of first and second group scholarships for the year 1912-13. The first group of holders of scholarships is made up of those undergraduates whose work in the preceding college year entitles them to "very high academic distinction." No student is admitted to this group until his record for the preceding year, in all his courses, has been carefully inspected and the question of his fitness has been submitted to every one of his teachers. Only very high grades in his studies and concurrent testimony in his favor from a sufficient number of his teachers enable the Committee on Scholarships and other Aids for Undergraduates to recommend him for a position in the first group. John Harvard Scholarships are given only to students deemed worthy of a position in the first group.

The second group is made up of students of marked excellence who have not attained a position in the first group. Harvard College Scholarships are given only to students deemed worthy of a position in the second group.

Group I.

Floyd Henry Allport '13, John Harvard, Cleveland, O., Glenvill H. S.

Ralph Herbert Anderson '14, Bowditch, Lynn, Lynn Classical H. S.


John Rea Baker '13, Class of 1802, Williamsport, Pa., Williamsport H. S.

Stanley Truman Barker '15, John Harvard, Cambridge, Brookline H. S.

William Arthur Berridge '14, Matthews, East Lynn, Lynn Classical H. S.

Sidney Fay Blake '13, John Harvard, Stoughton, Stoughton H. S.

Carey Judson Chamberlain '13, Price Greenleaf, Beverly, Beverly H. S.

Elmore Theodore Cohen '14, Price Greenleaf, Roxbury, Boston L. S.

Albert Sprague Coolidge '15, John Harvard, Pittsfield, Hill School.

Robert Campbell Cowan '15, Bowditch, West Somerville L. S.

Charles Pelham Curtis, Jr., '14, John Harvard, Boston, Groton School.

Donald Earl Dunbar '13, Ricardo Prize and Richard Augustine Gambrill, Springfield, Central H. S.

Walter Franzen '14, Price Greenleaf, St. Paul, Minn., University of Wisconsin.

George Hussey Gifford '13, Nathaniel Ropes, Jr., East Boston, Boston L. S.

Walter Henry Gilday '14, Matthews, Brockton, Brockton H. S.

Frederick Francis Greenman '14, Price Greenleaf, Brooklyn, N. Y., Boys' H. S.

Hermann Rollemann Habicht '13, John Harvard, Chicago, III., University of Grenoble (France).

Louis Hyman Harris '14, Bowditch, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury H. S.

John Hornicek '13, Price Greenleaf, Albion, Pa., Mt. Hermon School, Mt. Hermen.

Aram Hovhannes Khachadoorian '13, Ruluff Sterling Choate, Aintab, Turkey in Asia, Bridgewater State Normal.

Day Kimball '15, John Harvard, Boston, Noble and Greenough's School.

Isadore Levin '14, Price Greenleaf and Wendell Phillips Memorial, Detroit, Mich., Detroit Cass H. S.

Alan Dugald McKillop '13, Toppan, Lynn, Lynn Classical H. S.

Chester Alden McLain '13, John Harvard, Melrose, Melrose H. S.

Lincoln MacVeagh '13, John Harvard, New York, N. Y., Groton School.

James Campbell Manry '14, Hollis, Atlanta, Ga., Atlanta Boys' H. S.

Carl Wallace Miller '15, Bowditch, Somerville, Somerville Latin.

Henry Coe Place '14, Price Greenleaf, Gilbertsville, N. Y., White Plains, (N. Y.) H. S.

Wallace Brockman Porter '13, Bigelow, Youngstown, O., Rayen School, Youngstown.

Pitman Benjamin Potter '14, Saltonstall, Long Branch, N. J., Chattle H. S., Long Branch.

Theodore Ramsdell '15, Bowditch, New Bedford, New Bedford H. S.

Frederic Ernest Richter '13, Bigelow, Brooklyn, N. Y., Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn.

Harold Joseph Rosatto '13, Price Greenleaf, Charlestown, Boston L. S.

Hira Lal Roy '13, Price Greenleaf, Panchpaika Dacca, Bengal, India, National College (Calcutta, India).

Daniel Sargent '13, John Harvard, Wellesley, Groton School.

Walter Cocil Schumb '14, Crowninshield, Roxbury, English H. S.

Narendra Nath Sen Gupta '13, Richard Manning Hodges, Tetulea, Faridpur, Bengal, India, National College, (Bengal, India).

Albert Abraham Shapiro '14, Price Greenleaf, Haverhill, Haverhill H. S.

Norman John Silberling '14, Bowditch, Cleveland, O., Lincoln H. S., Cleveland.

Cecil Hurxthal Smith '15, John Harvard, Fall River, B. M. C. Durfee H. S.

Elliott Dunlap Smith '13, John Harvard, Chicago, III., University of Chicago.

Edwin Seymour Smith '15, Lucy Osgood, Newton Centre, Brookline H. S.

Fred Tredwell Smith '15, William Whiting, Melrose Highlands, Stoneham H. S.

Oscar Joseph Smith '13, Class of 1883, Toledo, O., Toledo Central H. S.

Herbert Evelyn Tucker '15, Bowditch, Norwood, Norwood H. S.

Peter Jacob Waldstein '14, Kirkland, Boston, English H. S.

Watson McLeay Washburn '15, Jacob Wendell, New York, N. Y., Cutler School.

Barnie Winkelman '15, William Whiting, Philadelphia, Pa., Central H. S., Philadelphia.

Group II.

Asb '13, Harvard College, Bangkok, Siam, Suan Kularb, (Bangkok, Siam).

Frederic Eaton Abbe '14, Morey Willard Buckminster, Fall River, B. M. C. Durfee H. S. John Radford Abbot '14, Harvard College, Andover, Phillips Andover Academy.

Hagop Harootune Aroyan '14, Hilton, Aintab, Turkey, Central Turkey College, (Aintab, Turkey).

Hamilton Vaughan Bail '13, C. L. Jones, Dorchester, Boston L. S.

Henry Frederick Ballantine '15, Class of 1814, Fitchburg, Fitchburg H. S.

Philip Barnet '15, Walcott, New Bedford, New Bedford H. S.

Frank Howard Beall '13, Bassett, Washington, D. C., McKinley Manual Training.

Bancroft Beatley '15, Henry Bromfield Rogers, Roxbury, Roxbury L. S.

Ralph Beatley '13, Farrar, Roxbury, Roxbury L. S.

Adolph Augustus Berle, Jr., '13, Harvard College, Cambridge, Brookline H. S.

Raymond White Blanchard '15, Sales, Tufts College, Somerville Latin H. S.

Millar Brainard '15, Harvard College, La Grange, Ill., Lyons Township H. S.

William Cheney Brown, Jr., '14, Harvard College, Hartford, Conn., Hartford H. S.

Percival Flack Brundage '14, Harvard College, Brooklyn, N. Y., Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn.

Leslie Gale Burgevin '15, Bowditch, Anchorage, Ky., Louisville Male H. S.

William Henry Capen '13, Harvard College, Newton, Newton H. S.

Nicholas John Cassavetes '15, Orlando W. Doe, Lowell, Mt. Hermon School, Mt. Hermon.

Charles Ward Cheney '15, Harvard College, Boston, St. Mark's School.

Michael Hermond Cochran '15, Daniel A. Buckley, Cambridge, Cambridge L. S.

Thomas Coggeshall '13, George Emerson Lowell, Allston, Boston L. S.

Edward Harold Cole '15, Harvard College, Somerville, Somerville English H. S.

Kenneth John Conant '15, Anonymous, Milwaukee, Wis., West Division H. S., Milwaukee.

Paul Perham Cram '15, William Samuel Eliot, Haverhill, Haverhill H. S.

Frederick Coolidge Crawford '13, Bright, Watertown, Watertown H. S.

Edward Courtney Bullock Danforth, Jr., '15, Burr, Augusta, Ga., Academy of Richmond County.

Samuel Daniels '15, Benjamin D. Greene, Dorchester, Boston L. S.

George Philip Davis '14, Markoe, Waltham, Waltham H. S.

John Ignatius Donovan '13, Harvard College, Lawrence, Lawrence H. S.

Archer Donald Douglas '14, Harvard College, St. Louis, Mo., University School, St. Louis.

Wickliffe Preston Draper '13, Harvard College, Boston, St. Mark's School.

Henry Townsend Duer '13, Harvard College, Baltimore, Md., Marston's University School, Baltimore.

James Alfred Edgarton '15, Sever, Fulton, N. Y., Fulton, H. S.

Samuel Atkins Eliot, Jr., '13, Harvard College, Cambridge, Browne and Nichols' School.

Arthur Le Roy Eustace '13, Harvard College, New York, N. Y., Cutler School, New York.

Harold Gershom Files '15, Edward Russell, Roxbury, Roxbury, H. S.

Charles William Foss '13, Harvard College, Jamaica Plain, Mcchanic Arts H. S.

Joseph Vincent Fuller '14, Bowditch St. Paul, Minn., St. Paul Academy.

Lewis Stiles Gannett '13, Harvard College, Rochester, N. Y., University of Rochester.

John Aloysius Garvey, Jr., '14, 7-10 Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, Concord Junction, Concord H. S.

Clayton Elmer Gibbs '15, Walcott, Warrensville, O., Central H. S., Warrensville.

James Parsons Gifford '14, Class of 1877, White Plains, N. Y., Phillips Andover Academy.

Howard Belding Gill '13, Harvard College, Lockport, N. Y., Lockport H. S.

Henry Gilman '15, Bowditch, Boston, Boston English H. S.

Thomas Gerard Gleason '13, Burr, Brookline, Brookline H. S.

Henry Bernheim Goodfriend '14, Harvard College, New York, N. Y., Horace Mann School, New York.

Alfred Peter Gradolph '13, C. L. Jones, Toledo, O., Toledo Central H. S.

Edmund Pike Graves, Jr., '13, Harvard College, Boston, Middlesex School.

Millard Burr Gulick '13, Bowditch, Brooklyn, N. Y., Boys' H. S., Brooklyn.

Murray Frothingham Hall '15, Harvard College, Charlestown, Boston L. S.

Henry Bassett Harrington '13, Bowditch, Buffalo, N. Y., Amherst College.

William Bernard Harris '13, Harvard College, Merion Station, Pa., De Lancey School.

Jonathan Hartwell Harwood '14, George and Elizabeth H. Fisher, Littleton, Concord (Mass.) H. S.

Erving Paul Hayes '15, Harvard College, Woodfords, Maine, Deering H. S.

Joseph Dervan Hickey '15, Sales, Brookline, Brookline H. S.

James Hallett Hodges '14, Class of 1835, Mansfield, Mansfield H. S.

Charles Edwin Holmes '13, Harvard College, Somerville, Somerville H. S.

Cedric Wing Houghton '13, Charles Wyman, South Boston, Private tutor.

William Stuart Howe '13, Harvard College, Somerville, Somerville Latin H. S.

Kang Fuh Hu '13, Harvard College, Kiang-su, China, Aurora University Shanghai, China.

John Indlekofer '13, Harvard College, Weston, O., St. John's College Toledo, O.

Henry Jackson, Jr., '15, Harvard College, Boston, St. Mark's School.

Carey Shaffer Johnson '15, Howard Gardner Nichols, Dadeville, Ala., Merion (Ala.) Institute.

William Harris Jones '15, Clement Harlow Condell, Clayville, N. Y., Clayville H. S.

Clay Judson '14, Harvard College, Lexington, Ky., Milwaukee (Wis.) Academy.

Robert Francis Kelley '15, Class of 1828, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury H. S.

Joseph Spencer Kennard, Jr., '13, Class of 1817, Tarrytown, N. Y., Mackenzie School, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.

Armin Klein '14, C. L. Jones, Chelsea, Chelsea H. S.

James Herman Klein '13, Harvard College, New York, N. Y., Wesleyan University.

Lauriston Edward Knowlton '15, Harvard College, Cambridge, Lowell H. S.

William Conrad Koch '13, Harvard College, St. Paul, Minn., St. Paul Central H. S.

Louis David Kornfield '15, Bartlett, Brooklyn, N. Y., Brooklyn Boys' H. S.

Abraham Krivitsky '15, Sewall, Boston, Boston English H. S.

Axel Emanuel Lauderholm '13, Bowditch, La Center, Wash., Washington H. S., Portland, Ore.

Carl Landerholm '14, Clement Harlow Condell, La Center, Wash., Washington H. S., Portland, Ore.

Max Leavitt '15, Burr, Boston, Boston L. S.

James Herbert Leighton '14, Burr, Tunkhannock, Pa., Phillips Exeter Academy.