The Deutscher Verein will give the first production of its sixteenth annual play, "Zwei Wappen," in Jordan Hall, Boston, this evening at 8 o'clock. The play is a farce comedy in four acts by Blumenthal and Kadelburg, two of the most successful modern German playwrights. "Zwei Wappen" had a very popular run in Germany, where it was first presented a few years ago, and recently it was played with marked success in New York. The plot turns upon the contrast of two national types, the antiquated German aristocrat and the self-made American business man. The former type is cleverly depicted in the character of Freiher von Wettingen, a German nobleman who is stubbornly opposed to his son's attentions to the charming daughter of the latter, a Chicago packer.

Tickets for the performance may be had at the Co-operative branch store, F. D. Hansen '14, Grays 20, Herrick's, and the various German bookstores in Boston.

The cast is as follows: Maximilian, Freiher von Wettingen,  Dr. A. Appelmann Rudolph, his son,  E. F. Lange '13 Charlotte, sister of the Freiher,  E. K. Hackes '14 Dietrich von Vinck,  Mr. H. F. Mayer Hofmarshall Graf Dornstedt,  E. J. Hubermann '13 Mr. Thomas Forster,  G. Priester sC. Mary, his daughter,  A. A. Berle '13 Mrs. Hanna Stephenson,  H. R. Habicht '13 Wernicke, a steward,  R. H. Campbell '16 Lorens, a servant,  W. L. Langer '16 Franz, a waiter,  P. Bradley '16 An attendant,  A. B. Warren '15

"The Voice of the People."

The Dramatic Club will give the second performance of its ninth production "The Voice of the People" by David Carb '09 in Brattle Hall this evening at 8.15 o'clock. This performance is intended especially for undergraduates, who may obtain discount coupons allowing 50 cents on $1.50 and $1 seats, from T. M. Spelman, 2nd, '13, A. Jaretzki, Jr., '13, A. C. McGiffert, Jr., '13, C. M. Rogers Jr., '14, K. W. Snyder '14, H. P. Briggs '15, and H. S. Ballou, Jr., '15. These coupons may be redeemed for tickets at 22 Brentford Hall this evening between 5 and 6 o'clock. Tickets for this and tomorrow's performance may be had at Herrick's, Jordan Hall, Co-operative branch store, and 22 Brentford Hall.


The last performance of "The Voice of the People" will be given in Jordan Hall, Boston, tomorrow evening.