Private Ownership, Socialism, and Present Day Evils.

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The point made by a contributor who, in discussing Socialism, said that the present system of society is fundamentally good and that the evils which exist arise from wrong doing of individuals is very superficial.

In the present system of private ownership and operation of industry for private gain, the motive of self-interest again and again conflicts with the public good. But apart from deliberate disregard for the public welfare by individuals, the present system of industry is continually breaking down from forces inherent in itself. For instance, when production is curtailed; when the shops shut down and people are thrown out of employment because of "over-production,"--because too much has been produced! What a paradox! Poverty caused by overabundance! And can a system of industry continue which inevitably divides society into two hostile classes whose struggle often breaks out into a state bordering on civil war?

Moreover, a system of industrial slavery by which the few live off the labor of the many will not be tolerated by its victims when once they shake off that unquestioning acceptance of established social institutions; nor should any one with any ideals of fairness and justice seek to justify it. G. J. SHOHOLM '15.