On "Bohemian History and Cultural Development" In Emerson Tomorrow Afternoon.

Dr. Francis Count Luetzow will deliver a lecture tomorrow, in Emerson D at 4.30. The lecture will be open to the public and will be on "Bohemian History and the Present State of Bohemia's Cultural Development."

Francis Count Luetzow, Ph.D. of the Bohemian University of Prague, Lit.D. Oxon., member of the Royal Society of Sciences and of the Imp. Roy. Bohemian Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts in Prague, has been invited by the Bohemian citizens, residing in the United States, to visit this country, and to give a series of historical lectures here. Count Luetzow was former Secretary of the Austro-Hungarian Embassy in London, and is well known as the author of many English books and articles about Bohemia.

Count Luetzow will lecture at many of the other large universities in the United States, including Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, and University of Minnesota.