For General Excellence in Games Played by University Nine Offered by C. Hann, Jr., '11.

A large silver cup, which is now on exhibition at the branch store of the Co-operative Society, has been offered by Charles Hann, Jr., '11 to that member of the 1912 baseball team who shows the most alertness throughout the season in taking advantage of all opportunities offered by Harvard's opponents while in the field. The cup is to be presented to the man who has the highest total number of points reckoned on the following basis, each achievement to count one point:

(1) Safe arrivals at first base (this includes bases on balls, hits, and all other times the initial sack is reached);

(2) Sacrifice hits;

(3) Stolen bases;

(4) Runs scored.


It will be observed that the cup is not necessarily to be awarded to the best hitter, or the best fielder, or the fastest runner, but rather to the man who plays the hitting and running game combined to the best advantage of the team. Should any question arise regarding the award of the advisory committee, the coach, and the donor.

Barrett Wendell, Jr., '02, in recognition of whose services to Harvard baseball the cup is named, played on four University baseball teams, each of which won the Yale series, and was captain in his Senior year. He is at present on the graduate advisory baseball committee.

Dr. Sexton, the coach, has approved of the method of giving the cup. It is now planned to give a trophy each year on the same scheme. Mr. Hann, the donor of this year's cup, played first base on the baseball team last spring and was captain of his Freshman team in 1908.