Dr. Palmer '69 on "Personal Religion" This Afternoon at 5 o'clock.

Rev. Frederic Palmer '69, of Andover, will give the third lecture in the series of six on "Personal Religion" at St. John's Memorial Chapel, Brattle street, this afternoon at 5 o'clock. His special topic will be "The Creed in Personal Religion."

The remaining lectures in the series will be given on successive Tuesday afternoons, as follows:

March 19.--"The Necessity of the Sacramental Side of Personal Religion". Rev. S. B. Blunt, of Ashmont.

March 26.--"The Expression of out Personal Religion in Fellowship," Rev. P. N. Sprague, of Charlestown.

April 2.--"The Power of the Passion", Rev. T. S. Cline, of St. Stephen's Church, Boston.


These lectures are given during Lent under the auspices of the Episcopal The ological School, and are open to the public. Special seats are reserved for members of the University.