What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.00.--Corporate Communion of St. Paul's Society at Christ Church.

8.45.--**Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Rev. A. P. Fitch '00, D.D.

9.00-6.00.--**Architectural Exhibit of designs submitted in the Interscholastic Competition, in Large Drawing Room, Robinson Hall.

3.00.--Easter meeting of Harvard Dames in Parlor of Brooks House

4.00.--*Lecture on "The Appraisal of Mines," by Mr. T. A. Rickard, A.R.S.M., in Geological Museum.


4.30.--"The Political Situation." Lecture by James R. Garfield in Living Room of Union.

4.30.--Cosmopolitan Club weekly tea, in club rooms, Holyoke 7.

4.30.--Brooklyn Club smoker in Trophy Room of Union.

4.45.--**Harvard Zoological Club. Address on "The Problem of Sex in the Protozoa," by Mr. J. W. Mavor, in Zoological Lecture Room, University Museum, fourth floor, Room 4.

4.45.--*Graduate Chemical Club. Address on "Uranium Compounds," by Mr. Roger Adams. "The Splitting of Benzhydrols by the Action of Bromine" by Mr. G. J. Esselen, Jr., in Boylston 9.

5.00.--*Seventh lecture on the Political Geography of Europe, by Professor R. M. Johnston, in Emerson A.

5.30.--University fencing trials at B. A. A., Boston.

7.30.--Interclass debating teams trials in Trophy Room of Union.

8.00.--**Menorah Society Lecture. "Representative Men of Israel, lll., Isaiah the Prophet," by Dr. David Philipson, of the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, O., in Emerson J.

8.15.--**Public performance of Dramatic Club plays, in Brattle Hall.

8.45.--Sophomore class smoker in Dining Room of Union.