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Dr. Edward Hickling Bradford '69, has been elected Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and of the University Medical School. Dr. Bradford was a member of the Medical School Faculty for more than thirty years, having been appointed assistant in clinical surgery in 1881. From 1881 to the present year he held various instructorships and professor-ships in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery. The retiring rule of the hospital made it necessary for him recently to resign his chair in the Medical School.

Dr. Bradford was for many years connected with the City Hospital and the Children's Hospital, where his surgical achievements placed him in the foremost rank of orthopedic surgeons.

He is a member of the American Surgical Association, ex-president of the American Orthopedic Association, member of the International Surgical Society, and the first and only honorary member of the German Orthopedic Association.

His Reputation in Germany

The honor in which Dr. Bradford is held by his colleagues is best shown by the following sentences, translated from Amerikanische Reiseerinnerungen by Dr. F. Lange, of Munich, one of the great German authorities on orthopedic surgery.

"The father of present American orthopedics is Bradford. He is far from being so well known in Germany as he deserves. One must have been in Boston to estimate his work justify. . . One must have heard from his scholars . . . with what gratitude and honor they hold to him; one must have seen the establishments he has devised, and one must have seen what an honorable place he has created for orthopedics in Boston, in order to understand that the orthopedics of the world are most deeply indebted to him for the work he has done. There is indeed no field of orthopedics in which Bradford has not achieved most distinguished results."

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