The annual spring Southern trip of the University baseball team will start this afternoon when the team takes the 3 o'clock train from the Back Bay Station for Philadelphia. The squad will be gone for one week, playing games with Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, Md.; Catholic University and Georgetown, in Georgetown, D. C.; the Baltimore International League team, in Baltimore, Md.; Navy, in Annapolis, Md.; and Columbia, in New York. After the Columbia game on Friday the squad will disband.

Following is a list of the men who will be taken: R. C. Babson '12, J. C. P. Bartholf '13, I. C. Bolton '12, F. H. Clark '13, S. P. Clark '14, J. H. Coon '13, J. R. Desha '12, S. M. Felton, 3rd, '13, H. T. Gibson '12, W. M. Haas '12, E. C. Hardy '13, H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, J. A. Milholland '14, R. P. Osborn '14, R. S. Potter '12, H. E. Reeves '12, K. Reynolds '14, A. H. Tomes '13, R. B. Wigglesworth '12, D. J. P. Wingate '14, W. B. Young '12, Dr. Sexton, Managers Y. Arai '12 and F. W. Hubbell '13, and rubber Fallon.

Lacrosse Team Starts at 4.04.

The University lacrosse team will start its annual Southern trip this afternoon, leaving Trinity Place at 4.04 o'clock. The men will spend the night at the Hotel Cumberland, New York, and will go on to Baltimore tomorrow morning, to play Johns Hopkins at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. On Monday afternoon the team will play Maryland Agricultural College at College Park at 3 o'clock, and on Wednesday a game will be played with Mt. Washington at Mt. Washington. The team will then disband, returning to Cambridge at the close of the recess.

Eighteen men will make the trip, including Coach Warwick, and managers Kingman and Davies. The fifteen players will be F. E. Abbe '14, R. Beatley '13, W. C. Blackett '12, W. P. Boyd '12, F. R. Churchill '13, C. C. Earle, Jr., '12, J. F. Foristall '13, P. Gustafson '12, G. R. Hale '12, F. W. Hodgdon '12, N. B. Lincoln '13, A. Nichols, 3d., '12, C. S. Parker '12, R. S. Simmons '13, J. W. White '13.