Will Open on June 22.--List of Courses and Statement of Requirements for Coming Summer.

The summer engineering camp at Squam Lake, New Hampshire, will open this summer on Saturday, June 22, and will close Saturday, September 7. The Camp is situated on the eastern shore of the lake and comprises 700 acres, with living accommodations and drawing and drafting rooms for several hundred students. Men may go to the Camp, June 22, by the 9 o'clock train from the North Station to Ashland, and from there by boat to the Camp.

The fee for these courses is $11 a week, except for Engineering 5b and 5e, for which the charge is $48 each. This fee includes board, lodging in a tent, laboratory, fees, and instruction. For the purpose of registration special cards have been provided, which can be obtained upon application at Pierce 114.

Courses and Regulations

The following courses open to under-graduates will be given at the Camp:

Engineering 4a, plane and topographic surveying, a half-course for five weeks beginning June 22.


Engineering 4d, railroad surveying, six weeks following course 4a.

Engineering 4c, geodetic surveying, a half-course for four weeks following course 4a.

Engineering 5b, elementary statics, a half-course for three weeks beginning July 27.

Engineering 5c, elementary kinematics, a half-course for three weeks beginning August 17.

A new regulation provides that 4a and the first three weeks of 4d, if both are taken in the same summer, may be counted as a full course.

All the work at the Camp is organized to duplicate as nearly as possible engineering field and office methods, with the addition of lectures, recitations, and frequent examinations. The day's work begins at 7 o'clock and continues with-out interruption, and under supervision throughout the day. The daily schedule is as follows: rising-hour, 6 o'clock, breakfast, 6.25 o'clock; surveying courses from 7 to 4 o'clock; courses in mechanics and drawing from 7 to 2 o'clock. On Saturday, however, the working hours for all courses are from 7 to 12 o'clock. Only one course may be taken at a time.

Admission to the Camp is open to qualified men as follows: students registered in or about to enter any of the Graduate Schools of Applied Science undergraduates, or students in other educational institutions; and students with or without college affiliations, who register in the Summer School. Further information may be obtained from the Director, Professor H. J. Hughes, Pierce 114.