Time, Eight in the Evening; Place, in the Stadium; Date, Wednesday, May First.

The Class of Nineteen Twelve, already famous for its Country Fair Convocations and Banana Nights, will eclipse itself at the full of the moon on Mayday by holding a great Barbecue in the Stadium. Never within the memory of the oldest goody has a Barbecue been seen at Harvard (Terry himself asked what a Barbecue was) and it is expected that the occasion will prove a Lone Star as it were on the Page of History. Roasted steers and loaves of bread will form the solid attractions.

Hodinlinden's Military' Band will furnish music for the grand march, while, by the Great Bonfire's light, an African will dodge and the gay Hoop-la 'snare the circling ring.

But more winsome than all of these, Carmen, the Mascot of Twelve, the official Class Donkey will appear. For months the Committee has been keeping her in retirement. The Barbecue is to be her debut, in the Class Picture she will feature, and on the Picnic lead the rustic troop.

Supplies are being laid in for every member of the Class. At this time alone will the authorized hats of 1912 be on sale. Look for Posters! Bring knives and change! Wear old clothes!