Brookline Gymnasium Defeated

The University association football second team won from the Brookline Gymnasium team in a closely contested game at Brookline on Saturday afternoon; the score was 3 to 2. Overtime play was necessary to decide the winner, because of a tie at the end of the second period.

Brookline scored within a minute of play, but Harvard made its first goal immediately afterwards. Each side scored once again in the second period, and Harvard won the game after a short overtime. Baldwin, Foster and Francke played well for the second team.

Freshmen Lost Soccer.

The Waltham Celtic Association Football Club swamped the Freshman soccer team in a game at Waltham on Saturday afternoon, winning 6 to 0. The Freshman forwards still lack team work, and this was responsible for the shut-out. Nichols and Tapping starred for the 1915 team.