Selected at Recent Meeting of Intercollegiate Association Football League in New York.

At a meeting of the Intercollegiate Association Football League last Saturday, the present rules of the game were discussed, two All-America teams selected, and the standing of the universities represented officially announced.

The All-America teams are as follows:

First team--goal, Dickinson, Yale; fullbacks, Dickey, Yale, and Pennell, Pennsylvania; halfbacks, Davis, Cornell, Hilder, Columbia, and Smith, Haverford; forwards, Bentley, Haverford, Byng, Harvard, Gay, Yale, Jones and McPhee, Pennsylvania.

Second team--goal, Browne, Harvard; fullbacks, Spencer, Columbia, and Sheppard, Yale; halfbacks, Evans, Columbia, Worthington, Yale, and Hallowell, Harvard; forwards, Husband, Pennsylvania, Greene, Harvard, Downing, Haverford, Hill, Yale, and Zoller, Columbia.

The official standing was officially given out as follows: Yale, Pennsylvania, Harvard, Haverford, Columbia, Cornell.