The Social Service report for the year 1911-12 is made very significant, not only by the fact that a greater number of men have carried on Social Service work with a higher degree of efficiency than in any other previous year, but also by the fact that Harvard is considerably in advance of other colleges in the efficiency and scope of its Social Service work. Cornell has only five men engaged in Boys' Club work, but this small number is sufficient to cope with the needs of a small town like Ithaca. One hundred men take part in settlement work at Pennsylvania. Princeton has ninety men in social service work and this number seems sufficient for the town of Princeton. Yale has three hundred and fifty social workers including men doing Sunday School work. Harvard has 360 regular workers, not including men doing work outside of social service. Last year the total number of workers was 292 and the number of failures was 18. This year 348 men did satisfactory work while only 12 failed.

There is printed below a list of the Harvard men who have done social service work regularly once a week during the past year, with the idea that, when presented in this form, the extent and significance of this work will be more adequately appreciated. It may be said that the men whose names appear have had, with few exceptions, weekly engagements throughout the year.

The Committee in Charge.

The committee in general charge of the work during the past year was composed of the following men: D. P. Ranney '12, chairman, R. C. Benchley '12, J. C. Bills 3L., J. W. Bowen '12, F. L. Converse '14, W. M. Danner, Jr., '13, A. B. Day '13, G. A. Ernst '12, C. M. Makepeace '13, A. W. Moffat '13, H. R. Page '13, E. M. Robinson '12, E. D. Smith '12, M. Fremont-Smith '13, E. Streeter '14, F. S. Thorne '13, W. L. Ustick '13, P. J. White '13, A. H. Whitman 1G.B., R. L. Whitman '14, P. R. Withington '12.

The members of next year's committee will be: E. D. Smith '12, chairman, K. Apollonio '15, A. D. Chandler '14, C. H. Crombie '14, A. B. Day '13, H. G. Francke '14, H. C. Greene '14, R. H. Kettell '14, S. S. Otis '14, H. R. Page '13, A. F. Pickernell '14, Q. Reynolds '14, M. F. Smith '13, P. H. Stafford '14, F. S. Thorne '13, N. L. Tibbetts '15, W. L. Ustick '13, P. J. White '13, R. L. Whitman '14.


List of Men in Club Work.

The following have had weekly appointments in boys' club work at the different settlement houses:

Boston Associated Charities--J. T. Brand 1L., E. J. B. Gorman '15, F. L. Ham sC., L. H. Harris '14, T. B. Lewis '13, J. R. O. Perkins '14, O. J. Smith '13. Boys' Reading Club--W. A. Cahill '15, H. W. Frost '14, J. M. Graham '15, S. F. Greeley '15, L. R. Hoffman 1G., L. Myrick '15, W. E. Quinby '14, H. L. Roy '13. Bunker Hill Boys' Club--W. M. Brown '13, C. W. Burrage '13, C. W. Findlay '12, M. Fremont-Smith '13, R. R. Smith '15, P. H. Wellman '13.

Cambridge Associated Charities -- W. M. Danner '13, H. B. Gill '13, L. D. Howard '14, G. H. McCaffrey 1G., H. J. Nason '14, G. B. Reed '12, M. Weiss '15, W. S. Witmer '12. Cambridge Neighborhood House--E. H. Barry '15, E. Bradley '13, H. P. Briggs '15, T. C. Chase '13, B. F. B. Dixon '15, W. Lippincott '15, A. W. Rolfe '12, P. H. Suter '12, R. L. West '14, R. R. West '15, H. Willcox '12. Charlestown Prison--O. D. Pfaelzer '12. First Universalist Church, Jamaica Plain--W. M. Tugman, Jr '14. Cottage Place Neighborhood House--C. R. Codman '15, M. Davis '15, J. D. Winslow '14.

Dennison House--C. M. Burr '14, A. C. McGiffert '13, S. B. Morison '13, N. Roosevelt '14, L. Saltonstall '14, L. B. Sugarman '15, J. G. Walcott '14. East Boston High School--E. Dodd '14, H. S. Hegarty '12. East End Christian Union--R. W. Bicknell '14, H. W. Birch '14, C. F. Brooks 1G., D. C. Cottrell '15, A. B. Day '13, G. H. Hands '14, F. T. Hertell '13, J. A. Hovey '12, H. Jackson '15, A. F. Pickernell '14, W. B. Pirnie '15, C. M. Rogers, Jr., '14, M. H. Speer '15, P. W. Thayer '14. Elizabeth Peabody House--J. T. Coolidge '13, R. E. Horne '14, S. S. Otis '14, N. A. Pope '13, P. L. Rabenold '15. Ellis Memorial House--F. T. Blake '12, B. L. Chase '13, R. W. Chubb '15, H. Francke '15, C. H. Goodsell '13. Francis Willard House--F. J. Alden '15, E. V. Moncrieff '14, S. W. Murray '15, M. Wickham 1G. Hale House--W. L. Beckett '15, L. A. Betteridge '12, R. A. Cutting '15, H. Daniels '15, C. J. Ferguson '15, R. J. Holmes 3L., A. L. Palmer 2L., H. O. Palmer 3L., J. H. Taylor '14. House of Good Will -- H. G. Knight '13, G. C. Loud '14, N. E. Paine, Jr., '13. Hull Street Settlement --K. Apollonio '15, J. B. Clark '14, C. F. Freeman '13, A. M. Goodale '13, H. H. Hartwell '13, H. R. Hitchcock '14, W. G. Rice '14, W. E. Shea '15, J. C. Talbot '15. 130 Huntington Avenue--J. S. Fleek '15. Malden Civic Club -- F. B. Thwing '13. First Methodist Church, Everett--W. W. Daly '15. Mount Vernon Congregational Church--H. S. Fox And., H. C. Muzzall '13. News Boys' Club--J. A. Bell 1G., A. B. Bruce '15, C. L. Callander '13, W. P. Fay '15, T. R. Goethals '12, W. H. Lacey '12, W. B. Marsh '13, C. H. Russell '15, M. Sandler '13. Oneida Settlement, Charlestown--A. C. Cox '15, A. L. Palmer 2L., H. O. Palmer 3L. Parker Memorial House--D. M. Rowles uC. Riverside Alliance--G. P. Davis '14, F. S. Miley '13, J. Walcott '15. Robert Gould Shaw House--C. S. Bolster '15, H. G. Francke '14, F. R. Mead '12, R. Morris '14, S. H. Olmsted '13, H. F. Root '13. Roxbury Neighborhood House--G. C. Anderson 1G., N. J. Cassavetes '15, C. H. Crombie '14, E. C. B. Danforth '15, K. R. Garland 2G.S., R. F. Goldschmidt '12, C. Von Tobel '15. Ruggles Street Neighborhood House--C. E. Brickley '15, W. L. McLean '14, E. G. Simons '12, W. H. Trumbull '15. 19 Russell Avenue, Watertown--J. C. Davis, Jr., uC., Sailors' Haven, Charlestown--G. L. Harrison 2L. St. Mary's Parish--R. A. Dodge '14. St. Mathew's Episcopal Church--S. Adams '14, R. S. Simmons '13. Social Service House--R. A. Files 1L., W. J. Hammersly 3L., C. E. Holmes '13, J. T. Lanman '15, T. C. P. Martin 3L., C. F. Merriam '14, P. Monteagle 2L. South End House--L. E. Barber '12, M. Brainard '15, S. P. Griffitts '15, F. B. Harvey '14, D. K. Packard '15, G. F. Plimpton '14, C. W. Putnam 1L. South End Industrial School--E. E. Cummings '15, L. S. Gannett '13, T. E. Lavelle 3M., C. M. Makepeace '13. West End House--R. G. Donahue '15, C. W. Findlay '12, P. J. Stearns '13, R. E. Treat '13.

List of Men Teaching.

The following men have had weekly teaching engagements:

Boston Y. M. C. A.--J. H. Coon '14, A. I. Drew '14, L. M. Farrin '15, R. B. Libby '15, A. C. Roberts '10. Cambridge Social Union--S. L. M. Barlow '14, J. C. Bowles '12, N. M. Clark '12, J. A. Cook '13, A. S. Coolidge '15, F. Dazey '14, P. E. Douglass '13, A. W. Hanson '13, G. E. Hubbard '14, C. D. Hurley '12, S. B. Hyde '14, A. C. James sG.B., H. W. Josephs '14, W. C. Koch '13, R. T. Lafferty 1L., E. M. Libbman 1G.B., W. M. McClure 1L., A. R. McCormick '13, F. S. Moulton '13, A. J. Onderdonk, Jr., uL., I. Pichel '14, M. T. Quigg '13, E. M. Robinson '12, H. S. Ross '13, T. S. Ross '12, W. G. Simon '14, M. Fremont-Smith '13, S. T. Steele '13, D. F. Stone '12, F. W. Stuart, Jr., '12, A. S. Thayer '15, R. A. Wheeler '12, J. D. Wilson '12, L. O. Wright '14, S. N. Wyner '13. Cambridge Y. M. C. A.--S. M. Atkinson 1L., W. H. Capen '13, E. R. Caverly '15, L. S. Gannett '13, A. C. Hall 1G., E. C. Hardy '13, R. H. Kettell '14, J. H. Leighton '14, A. H. Onthank '14, R. D. Whittemore '13. Civic Service House--J. L. Barrowsky '15, W. J. Berkowitz '14, J. M. Eager '12, A. L. Frost 1G.S., A. J. Goldsmith '13, H. B. Goodfriend '14, F. F. Greenman '14, L. H. Harris '14, C. H. Hoskins '13, C. A. Lander 1G., S. Littman '13, W. Lucas '15, M. Monheimer '12, R. H. Montgomery 3L., D. L. Rapport '12, L. M. Rothenberg '13, L. W. Sapinsky '12, R. H. Stockwell 1L., R. Wiener '12, I. Witkin '14. Prospect Union--M. F. Appel 2L., L. M. Bament 1L., S. G. Barker 3L., E. G. Bassett '12, H. Bollman '12, T. E. Buckman '12, W. H. Capen '13, J. P. Clifford 3L., J. A. Coolidge 2G., F. E. Crawford 1G., R. P. Currier '12, W. Cutler '13, J. E. Dorsey 2L., K. A. Douglas '13, H. F. Dunbar '15, H. Eager '12, H. W. Elliott 3L., R. M. Ferry '12, E. T. Fiddler 2L., R. S. Fillius 2L., H. B. Galbraith 2L., H. F. Goodrich 1L., J. A. Groenweld 2L., W. A. Hamlin '13, C. H. Hoskins '13, C. W. Houghton '13, L. D. Howard '14, D. C. Howard 1L., J. M. Howe '12, H. C. Kittredge '12, M. C. Lightner 2L., M. C. Lightner 3L., C. F. Maxwell '14, J. C. McManaway 3L., F. M. Meyers 3L., R. A. Newhall 1G., A. E. Phoutrides 1G., L. W. Pollock 2L., E. O. Proctor 3L., H. W. Richter '13, G. B. Roberts '14, G. C. Robinson 1G., A. L. Sackett 2L., P. F. Sapp 3L., O. Slettern uL., A. Taylor '14, E. H. Thompson '12, H. M. Vanderbilt '14, A. R. Watzek 3L., H. Wolfson 1G., J. T. Woodhull 1L., R. H. Wright '13. Norfolk County Y. M. C. A.--G. A. Ernst '12.

The men who have been engaged in Juvenile Court work are as follows:

Boston Juvenile Court--D. B. Adams '12, W. H. Baldwin, 3d, '13, J. C. Clark '15, J. B. Donovan 1L., G. A. Ernst '12, T. H. Frothingham '13, O. W. Haussermann '12, W. B. Nash '13, E. D. Smith '12, A. J. Weatherhead '15. Cambridge Juvenile Court--A. Beane sC., J. V. Fuller '14, W. S. Hood '12, H. A. Libbey '12, R. Lowell '12, G. H. McCaffrey 1G., N. H. Smith '14.