Opportunity for Graduate Students.


(We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest, but assume no responsibility for sentiments expressed under this head.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I wish to call the attention of the members of the class of 1912 to an unusual opportunity in philanthropic work for any who may be intending to enter the Graduate Schools next year. Mr. Robert A. Woods of the South End House, Boston, writes as follows:

"I write to suggest that it seems to me that the South End House Fellowship may be a very valuable link between the interests which centre at Phillips Brooks House and the whole scheme of social work and progress in Boston.

"The fundamental object of the fellowship is to provide genuine laboratory experience and training to men interested in the human sciences,--particularly economics, sociology, social ethics,--on their human side. The holder is in residence continuously at the South End House and is in close touch with all its active affairs.


"The principal duty of the holder during the year of eleven months is the carrying through of a first-hand practical inquiry into some live question which is at the time pressing for solution in the city. It always means using a great variety of methods and mixing among a great variety of people. This inquiry is carried on under, the joint direction of the department of Economics and of the senior residents of the Settlement. In the second place, the holder of the fellowship devotes a substantial fraction of his time to certain phases of the distinctive work of the settlement,--boys' clubs, athletics, dramatics, charity work, local improvement committee work, etc. In nearly every case it is possible to keep the study and the practical neighborhood work in close relation so that each re-enforces the other. Finally, the holder takes a limited amount of course work in the University.

"This fellowship is not designed first of all for men who are making a graduate specialty of economics or sociology, but for men who, whatever their plans for the future, wish to have a solid working acquaintance with city conditions and with the progress of municipal and social reform, particularly as reflected in the life of the people. It is awarded by preference to graduates of Harvard College, and, so far as possible, to men who are just graduating.

"I know that Professor Taussig, on be-half of the department of Economics, will very heartily welcome the interest of the Phillips Brooks House Committee in bringing to all students interested in social work a clearer knowledge of the nature and possibilities of the South End House fellowship. So far as the residents of the House are concerned, we feel that the men who are doing volunteer work under your committee are precisely the type whom we should most like to see among the candidates for the fellowship. And I am certain that all who have held the fellowship would give the strongest testimony of the searching value to Harvard men of just such a combination of activity as the fellowship provides.

"The appointment is made by the department of Economics in consultation with the Plummer Professor and the Head of the South End House." ARTHUR BEANE '11,

Graduate Secretary, Phillips Brooks House Association.