Will be Played Today.--Rules Governing Tournament Play.

The annual spring interclass tennis tournament which was to have commenced yesterday afternoon was postponed on account of rain, and the matches scheduled in the drawings published in the CRIMSON will be played on Jarvis and Soldiers Fields today at 2.30 and 4 o'clock. All undergraduates who have entered have been divided into four groups by classes. The men in each division will play for their class championship, and the four winners will enter the series for the College championship. The winner of the class tournaments and the winner of the College championship will receive cups.

In the preliminary rounds the matches will be for the best two out of three sets; in the finals, for the best three out of five. Deuce and advantage sets are optional only in the semi-finals. Matches must be played on the day scheduled or be defaulted. If a player is more than 30 minutes late, he will lose by default.

Score cards have been placed in the CRIMSON Office, where the results of the matches must be posted by the winners before 6.30 o'clock on the day of the match; otherwise, both contestants will be considered out of the tournament. No man who is on probation is eligible to play.