The second Freshman crew won the Beacon Cup Regatta for class crews yesterday afternoon, finishing six lengths ahead of the Sophomore crew, which in turn led the Seniors over the line with a lead of one length, gained by a strong spurt at the finish. The Juniors dropped out of the race just below Harvard Bridge, being about eight lengths behind the other crews and losing steadily.

Details of Race.

At the start the second Freshmen immediately took the lead and, by rowing about 38 strokes to the minute when the other crews were rowing 30, gained a full length in a very short distance. They dropped their stroke gradually to 32 in the first quarter-mile and increased their lead to three lengths by the time they had reached the mile mark, while the Sophomores, Seniors, and Juniors rowed an even race behind them.


The Finish.

Lothrop in the Freshman boat, had good rhythm and plenty of snap to his stroke, and the crew, spacing out well, had little difficulty in increasing its lead to six lengths over the last three-quarters mile of the course. The Sophomores and Seniors continued to row evenly together up to within 100 yards of the finish. Both had rowed good races but the Seniors had no strength left for a final spurt, while the Sophomores, who were still strong, won by a length in the final stretch.


As a result of the race the members of the Sophomore crew will receive numerals for winning from the Seniors and Juniors.

The crews rowed in the following order:

Seniors.--Stroke, Richardson; 7, R. Parker; 6, Barnes; 5, Weston; 4, Brooks; 3 Peabody; 2, Dewey; bow, Smart; cox., Kempton.

Juniors.--Stroke, Chase; 7, Talbot; 6, Vickey; 5, Locke; 4, Lynn; 3, Handy; 2, Leviseur; bow, Taggart; cox., Davis.

Sophomores.--Stroke, Curtis; 7, Willetts; 6, Hubbard; 5, Kingsbury; 4, Walters; 3, Walker; 2, Harrower; bow, Saltonstall; cox., Howe.

Second Freshmen.--Stroke, Lothrop; 7, Fuller; 6, Withington; 5, Duer; 4, Weatherhead; 3, Hutchins; 2, Apollonio; bow, Paine; cox., Munro.