The twenty-seventh annual Harvard interscholastic track meet, held in the Stadium Saturday afternoon, was won by Exeter with a total of 38 points; Worcester was second with 23 points. Worcester was second with 23 points; The other schools that scored were as follows: Andover 10, Legate 10, Powder Point 10, Boston English High 5, Pawling 5 Hope St. High 3, High School of Commerce 3, Noble and Greenough's 1.

Three records were broken, and one performance, that in the high jump, was the best that has been done in the Stadium in any competition, and makes a new schoolboy record. The winner was W.M. Oler, of Pawling and he cleared the bar at 6 feet, 3 5-8 inches with apparent ease. He then put the bar two inches higher but was unable to get over at that height. Worthington, of Exeter, broke the interscholastic broad jump record, established by himself last year, by 7 inches. His jump was 22 feet, 8 1-2 inches. The pole-vault record, formerly held by L. Whitney, of Worcester Academy, was broken by Buck, of Andover, who vaulted 11 feet, 3 3-4 inches, 2 1-2 inches higher than the former record.

The largest individual point winners of the meet were Bosworth of Worcester, Meanix, of Legate, and Rice, of Powder Point, all of whom won two firsts. Bosworth's performances were particularly remarkable; after winning the mile, he entered the 880-yard run, which came about twenty minutes later, and obtained first in this event also. It is noticeable that Exeter had no high individual point winners and that the meet was practically won on seconds and thirds.

The summary:

Track Events.


120-yards high hurdles.--First heat won by Meanix (L.S.); second, Parsons (H.St. H.S.). Time, 16 3-5s. Second heat won by Gowdy (E.); second, Davis (A.). Time, 16 4-5s. Final heat won by Meanix (L.S.); second, Parsons (H. St. H.S.); third, Davis (A.). Time, 16 1-5s.

100-yards dash.--First heat won by Teschner (E.); second, Crary (A.); third, Murphy (P.P.S.). Time, 10 1-5s. Second heat won by Rice (P.P.S.); second, Teschner (E.); third, Crary (A.). Time, 10s.

Mile run.--Won by Bosworth (W.); second, Dougherty (E.); third, Curran (W.). Time, 4m., 32s.

880-yards run.--Won by Bosworth (W.); second, Guething (E.); third, Lamont (E.). Time, 2m., 3 1-5s.

220-yards low hurdles.--Won by Meanix (L.S.); second, Rosener (A.); third, Johnson (E.). Time, 25 2-5s.

220-yards dash.--First heat won by Rice (P.P.S.); second, Jones (E.); third, Hawes (B.H.S.). Time, 22 3-5s. Second heat won by Teschner (E.); second, McLellan (M.A.H.S.); third, Wells (W.). Time, 22 3-5s. Final heat won by Rice (P.P.S.); second, Tesch- ner (E.); third, Jones(E.). Time, 21 4-5s.

440-yards dash.--Won by Howe (B.E.H.S.); second, Kelley (E.); third, Kennedy (W.). Time, 50 4-5s.

Field Events.

16-pound shot-put.--Won by Boughner (E.); second, Herd (E.); third, Schwinn (W.). Distance, 39 ft., 5 5-8 in.

Pole-vault.--Won by Buck (A.); second, tie between Field (E.) and Smith (W.). Height, 11 ft., 3 3-4 in. (New record).

Running broad jump.--Won by Worthington (E.); second, Sallaway (H.S. of C.); third, Johnstone (W.). Distance, 22 ft., 8 1-2 in. (New record).

Running high jump.--Won by Oler (P.); second, Johnstone (W.); third, Minot (N. and G.). Height, 6 ft., 3 5-8 in. (New record).

12-pound hammer-throw.--Won by Neal (E.); second, Langewald (W.); third, Burrage (W.). Distance, 153 ft., 1 1-5 in