Matches in Preliminary Round to be Played on Jarvis Field at 4.

The College doubles tennis tournament will begin this afternoon on Jarvis Field at 4 o'clock.

In the preliminary rounds the matches will be for the best two out of three sets. Matches must be played on the day scheduled or defaulted. If a player is more than 30 minutes late, he will lose by default. Courts will be reserved for the matches, but players must supply their own balls.

A new method for recording the results of matches has been instituted. Instead of posting results at the CRIMSON Office, winners should post them on the score-boards on the tennis shed at Jarvis Field before 6 o'clock on the day of the match; otherwise, both contestants will be considered out of the tournament. No man who is on probation is eligible to play.

The drawings for the preliminary rounds to be played today at 4 o'clock are as follows: R.L. Whitman '14 and R.H. Kettell '14 vs. D. Kimball '15 and E.S. Draper '15; G. Sturgis '13 and H.G. Smith '13 vs. E.S. Harrington '13 and C.J. North '14; G.M. Sands '13 and R.A. Newman '14 vs. C.H. Weston '14 and V.C.F. Maxwell '14; E.H. Whitney '14 and C.S. Cutting '12 vs. N.E. Paine, Jr., '13 and C.C. Kimball '13; L.I. Grinnell '12 and A.M. Hyde '12 vs. H.A. Lawton '14 and D.B. Buffum '14; E.H. Woods '14 and A.J. Lowrey '13 vs. W.A. O'Shea '15 and E.B. Taylor '15; W. Smith '14 and W. Faulkner '14 vs. F.R. Mead '13, and partner; H.D. Minot '13 and T. Simon '14 vs. O. Williams '14 and J.B. Kayser '14.

Matches in Interclass Tournament.


The following matches in the semi-final round of the interclass tennis tournament will be played on Jarvis Field at 2 o'clock. C.S. Cutting '12 vs. A.J. Lowrey '13, E.H. Whitney '14 vs. W.M. Washburn '15.