Old Clothes, Books, and Magazines to Be Gathered During Next Week.

The spring collection of old clothes, books and magazines will be made next week under the auspices of the Phillips Brooks House Association. The collectors named below will have charge of their respective dormitories, and, although they are expected to call at the rooms, men are urged not to wait for them, but to leave things at the places designated. On Thursday wagons will call at the buildings to gather everything that has come into the hands of the collectors.

As the Phillips Brooks House has had more than the usual number of requests for suits of clothes this spring, it is hoped that a large number will be brought in by this collection. All kinds of old clothes, no matter how old, and any kind of reading matter, except newspapers, are wanted. The text-book loan library in the Brooks House is supplied with books received in this collection and needs text-books used in the large courses most.

Collectors Appointed.

The following men have been placed in charge of the various buildings: Apley Court--42, R. M. Lord '15; 44, E. Newton '15; Apthorp--5, W. Tufts, Jr., '13; Beck--45, A. W. Josephs '14; Brentford--46, C. M. Makepeace '13; 53, J. M. Graham '15; Claverly--1, A. M. Goodale '13; Craigie--101, G. A. Ernst '12; 502, J. D. Adams '13; Dana Chambers--37, J. A. Henderson '14; 44, W. Cutler '13; Drayton--1, H. A. Friedlich '15; Dunster--31, E. D. Curtis '14; Fairfax--45, W. T. Fisher '13; Grays--16, L. O. Wright '14; 30, A. W. Poole '14; 52, C. G. Freese '15; Hampden--37, C. W. Whitall '13; 47, J. J. Cabot '13; Hollis--7, E. M. Robinson '12; 24, O. D. Pfaelzer '12; 13, C. F. Brooks 1G.; 18, J. R. Sibley '12; Holyoke House--40, W. M. Tugman '14; 43, J. R. Morton '13; Holyoke street--28, A. B. Day '13; 29, W. B. Adams '13; Linden street--5, C. H. Crombie '14; Little's Block--12, S. F. Withe '14; 30, F. S. Thorne '13; Matthews--1, C. H. Weston '14; 57, J. L. Stifel '14; Mount Auburn street--54, S. F. Greeley '15; 68, A. Fisher '15; Perkins--3, W. A. Hamlin '13; 66, C. L. Callander '13; Plympton street--52, E. D. Smith '12; 56, H. R. Page '13; Randolph--12, E. Blaine '14; 16, M. B. Phillips '15; 43, G. G. Geraghty '14; Ridgely--31, J. B. Camp '15; Russell--22, E. S. Robinson '14; 24, K. Apollonio '15; Russell Annex, 35 Bow street--F. C. Holbrook '13; Stoughton--12, L. A. Mahoney '13; 23, J. D. Wilson '12; Thayer--8, N. C. Bolton '12; 25, J. M. Eager '12; 46, C. B. Lanman 1G.; Wadsworth House--13, T. H. Lanman '12; Weld--19, L. S. Gannett '13; 52, F. E. Abbe '14 and J. H. Hodges '14; Westmorly--27, H. F. Moncrieff '15; 126, J. Wentworth '14; 136, B. Smith '13.