Thirty Men will Compete Against Phillips Exeter Academy at 3 o'clock This Afternoon.

The Freshman track team will hold a meet with Phillips Exeter Academy at Exeter this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Thirty men will compete and Coaches Chadwick and Body, and A. D. Chandler '14 will accompany the team. The team will leave the Square at 12.30 o'clock.

The entries follow:

100-yard dash.--J. L. Foley, J. P. Spang, R. Tower; 220-yard dash--J. L. Foley, C. H. Tilton, R. Tower; 440-yard dash--F. W. Capper, W. P. Mandell, J. C. Rock, G. H. Whitney; 880-yard run--F. W. Capper, C. F. Damon, M. P. Robinson, W. B. Sloane, E. P. Stone; one-mile run--B. S. Carter, S. B. Hoar, H. G. MacLure, C. F. Morris, B. V. Zamore; 120-yard high hurdles--P. M. Rice, H. St. J. Smith; 220-yard low hurdles--P. M. Rich, H. St. J. Smith.

Field Events.

Running broad jump.--M. L. Greeley, M. A. Hofer, H. W. D. Rudd, H. St. J. Smith, C. H. Tilton; running high jump--J. B. Camp, E. C. B. Danforth, F. H. Mahn; pole-vault--J. B. Camp, E. J. Tapping; 16-pound shot-put--R. G. Gibson, S. B. Pennock; 12-pound hammer throw--S. B. Pennock, H. S. Sturgis.


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