Union Boat Club and Freshmen Defeated in Time Trial Over 17-8 Miles Course in Basin.

A triangular race between the University crew, the Freshman crew and the Union Boat Club was held over the 17-8 miles course in the Basin yesterday evening at 5.30 o'clock the University crew winning by about three lengths over the Union Boat Club, which in turn led the Freshmen by a scant margin.

The Freshman crew was given a handicap of one length at the start below Cottage Farm Bridge. The University crew overcame this lead at the halfmile rowing about thirty-eight strokes to the minute, and were leading by a half length at the mile, while the Union Boat Club crew was still a length behind the Freshmen. Over the last half of the course the University crew gradually increased its lead to three lengths and the Boat Club drew up even with the Freshmen, crossing the finish line second, slightly ahead of them. Time.--10 minutes, 7 seconds.

Make-up of Boats.

The crews rowed in the following order:

University crew.--Stroke, Eager; 7, Mills; 6, Strong; 5, Newton; 4, Goodale; 3, Metcalf; 2, Morgan; bow, Balch; cox., C. Abeles.


Freshman crew.--Stroke, Pirnie; 7, Parkman; 6, Harwood; 5, Trumbull; 4, F. Withington; 3, MacVicar; 2, Francke; bow, Duer; cox., Gallaher.

Union Boat Club.--Stroke, S. A. Sargent, Jr., '10; 7, J. B. Ayer '03; 6, P. Withington '09; 5, R. M. Tappan '07; 4, E. Farley '07; 3, L. Swain; 2, R. Maxwell; bow, J. G. Wiggins '11; cox., L. Sargent.