What is Going on Today

**Open to Public.

8.45.--**Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Rev. C. E. Park.

11.00.--**Lecture on "The Old and the New World in the Face of International Probalmes," by Christian L. Lange, Litt.D., Secretary-General of Inter-parliamentary Union, in Emerson A.

2.30.--**Golf match with Agawan Hunt Club at Providence, R. I.

2.30.--Consolation track games in Stadium.

3.00.--**Freshman track meet at Exeter, N. H.


3.00.--**Freshman baseball game with Andover at Andover.

3.00.--**Baseball game with Amherst on Soldiers Field.

3.30.--Tennis with Amherst at Amherst.

3.45.--Lacrosse game with Bronx Lacrosse Club on Soldiers Field.

8.00.--Meeting of Faculty of Medicine at Medical School, Boston.