The announcement is made that George Grafton Wilson, professor of international law at Harvard, will be the Harvard exchange professor to France for the year 1912-13. Professor Wilson graduated from Brown in 1886 and after taking the degree of Ph.D. there in 1889 he studied at Heidelberg, Berlin, Paris, and Oxford. Last year he received the degree of LL.D. from Brown and from the University of Vermont. He was professor of sociology and political science at Brown from 1894 to 1911. Since 1900 he has been lecturer on international law at the United States Naval College at Newport. He was elected professor of international law at Harvard a year ago. Professor Wilson was the American delegate to the Plenipotentiary International Naval Conference in 1908 and 1909. He is the author of several important works on international law.

Dr. Edsall for Medical School Faculty.

Dr. David Linn Edsall, professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at Washington University, St. Louis, has been elected Jackson Professor of Medicine in the Harvard Medical School, and will also be chief of one of the two medical clinics at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Edsall, who is a graduate of Princeton and of the Pennsylvania Medical School, where he was also professor, is president of the American School Hygiene Association and a member of many important medical societies. He has made very important researches into occupational diseases.

Dr. Edsall has made a number of contributions to the knowledge of preventive medicine. He is a trained chemist and has applied chemistry to the elucidation of medical problems. He has been particularly interested in diseases which result from harmful occupations, and in Dr. Osler's work on modern medicine has contributed chapters on the various forms of poisoning liable to occur when irritating substances are handled for commercial purposes.

Dr. Edsall was born in Hamburg, N. J. After receiving his degree he studied in London, Vienna and other medical centres. He is a member of various medical and scientific bodies, among which are the Association of American Physicians, the Association for the Advancement of Clinical Research, of which he was recently president; the American Pedlatric Society of which he was president in 1910, and the Society for the Prevention of Infant Mortality.