Senior Class Notice

Concerning Class Day Tickets.

In applying for Class Day tickets. Seniors and undergraduates promise not to sell or give them away to any but their friends. Class Day is an occasion when Harvard men, and particularly the members of the Senior class, aim to entertain their families and friends in the pleasantest manner possible. Every year, however, in spite of the greatest care of the Class Day officers, tickets admitting to the Yard and to the Stadium go astray and are found in the hands of speculators and others whose presence is not only undesirable but objectionable. As long as tickets are in the possession of Harvard men or their friends, the holders feel a personal obligation to use them in the manner intended. Once a ticket is sold or given to an outsider, this obligation ceases, and it is almost impossible to prevent incidents that mar the harmony of the day.

The officers of the class have worked hard to make Class Day a success, but their labors are in danger of being in a large measure neutralized by the mere carelessness of a few. Co-operation with the Class Day Committee, by the strict adherence to the promise that goes with tickets, is a small but important contribution that all should be glad to make in the interests of a successful Class Day. 1912 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.

Class Albums.

Senior Albums are still on sale at Leavitt & Peirce's and at Tupper's Studio. Those men who made deposits previously at Tupper's are requested to make their purchases at Tupper's. All are urged to buy as soon as possible.   1912 PHOTOGRAPH COMMITTEE.