Senior Class Notices

As yet but one-half of all the albums have been sold. The committee urges all who intend to purchase albums to do so at once that it may secure a discount by paying its bills early.

During the week, albums will be on sale all day at Leavitt & Peirce's and at Tupper's studio, and each morning in 7 Holworthy Hall. Men who have already paid $2.00 are asked to buy their albums from Tupper, who has a record of the deposits. 1912 PHOTOGRAPH COMMITTEE.

Sale of Class Day Tickets.

There will be a sale of Class Day tickets at the Lodge Gate all day on Class Day. Those leaving the Yard by exits 8 and 10 for the dance at Memorial Hall and the Gymnasium after 9.00 P.M. will be given a special return Yard ticket on presentation of their dance ticket.

Special Sale of Sanders Tickets.


There are a few Sanders tickets left, which may be bought from D.P. Ranney, Hollis 22, between 12 and 1.00 today.   1912 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.