Program in Case of Rain

In case of rain the Class Day program will be as given below. If it should stop raining during the day, the regular program will be followed thereafter.

9 A. M.--Seniors report in Appleton Chapel for the address by the chaplain.

10.15 A. M.--Sanders Theatre will be open to ticket holders.

10.45 A. M.--Sanders Theatre will be closed to all but Seniors.

10.45 A. M.--All Seniors report in transept of Memorial Hall to march to Sanders Theatre in a body.

2 P. M.--Gates will be closed and tickets required of all persons found in the Yard and who enter thereafter.

2 to 7 P. M.--Music in Fogg Lecture Room and Memorial Hall.

3.30 P. M.--Seniors assemble in Sever 11 for the "Tree" exercises.

4 P. M.--Ivy oration will be delivered in Sanders Theatre and New Lecture Hall. Stadium tickets will be accepted for admission as far as possible, but rainy day checks will be given the preference. All Seniors report at Sanders Theatre.

7 to 11 P. M.--Music in Sanders Theatre, Fogg Lecture Room and New Lecture Hall.

8 to 11 P. M.--Dancing in Memorial Hall and the Gymnasium.

Seniors are especially requested to report punctually at all exercises.