To be Held in Lower Mass. Today Between 10 and 4.--List of Nominations.

The ballot for members of the Board of Overseers will be held in Lower Mass. between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock today. Five Overseers are to be elected for a term of six years. The names of the candidates upon the official ballot are arranged in order of preference according to the postal card ballot.

Official Ballot for Overseers of Harvard College.

Augustus Everett Willson '69, of Louisville, Ky. Overseer, 1910-12.

Owen Wister '82, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Frederic Adrian Delano '85, of Chicago, III. Overseer, 1905-11.


Louis Adams Frothingham '93, of Boston. Overseer, 1905-11.

William Roscoe Thayer '81, of Cambridge.

Thomas William Lamont '92, of New York, N. Y.

Harlan Page Amen '79, of Exeter, N. H.

Beekman Winthrop '97, of Washington, D. C.

William Caleb Loring '72, of Boston. Overseer, 1902-11.

Edward Bowditch '69, of Albany, N. Y.