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The University football team was again put through a stiff and satisfactory scrimmage on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. There was an hour's hard work in which two teams from the first squad played the second team and plays of all sorts were used, with unusual success in forward passing by the seconds.

Team A Scored on Seconds.

Team A started with the ball in mid-field and after a series of line plays carried it across the goal line of the second team. Brickley made the touchdown. In the rush down the field, Hardwick made a 25-yard run. The second team, though given the ball on team A's 25-yard line, could gain only a few yards by rushing and failed when a drop-kick was attempted.

Seconds Defeat Team B.

After team A had a half an hour's work against the seconds, team B was put in its place, but was less fortunate. It was scored on twice and only succeeded in gaining the seconds' goal once during the half-hour session. The second team started on team B's 25-yard line and in about six plays, which went through the line and around the end, a touchdown was scored by Graustein. The second touchdown by the second team was made on a cleverly executed forward pass from Freedley to Dana. Another pass from Steel to Freedley was successful. In the last few minutes of the scrimmage, T. Hardwick, who was playing fullback on team B, caught a punt from Spang and ran 60 yards for a touchdown.

Hardwick's Work a Feature.

The features of the practice yesterday afternoon were the plunging of H. Hardwick of the 1915 Freshman team last fall, and the 40-yard run by Freedley. The scoring of the second team was from the 25-yard line but, nevertheless, reflected credit on the team. The scrimmage showed all three teams to be of about the same calibre, giving a wealth of average material from which to build a team that will depend on team-work rather than individual brilliancy. Captain Wendell has not yet taken part in any of the scrimmages, but will probably go in for a little work before the game with Maine on Saturday.

The line-ups were as follows:

Team A.--Felton, l.e.; Storer, l.t.; Pennock, l.g.; Parmenter, c.; Maguire, r.g.; Hitchcock, r.t.; O'Brien and Weatherhead, r.e.; Gardner, q.b.; Bradlee, l.h.b.; H. Hardwick, r.h.b.; Brickley, f.b.

Team B.--Smith, Milholland, l.e.; Beebe, l.t.; Driscoll, Weston, l.g.; Trumbull, c.; Wigglesworth, Withington, r.g.; T. Frothingham, Clearly, r.t.; O'Brien, Hollister, r.e.; Logan, q.b.; Bettle, Gibson, l.h.b.; Lingard, r.h.b.; Willetts, T. Hardwick, f.b.

Second team.--Dana, r.e.; Atkinson, r.t.; Cable, r.g.; Poole, c.; Underwood, l.g.; Lawson, l.t.; Parker, l.e.; Freedley, q.b.; Handy, l.h.b.; Callander, r.h.b.; Steel, f.b.

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