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The first political meeting among the partisan clubs of the University was held by the Woodrow Wilson Club in Brattle Hall at 4.30 o'clock yesterday. Speeches were made by Mayor Fitzgerald, Representative F. W. Murphy L.'04, of Boston, and Dudley Field Malone, Corporation Counsel of the City of New York. M. M. McDermott 3L., president of the Wilson Club, introduced the speakers.

Governor Foss, who was to have delivered an address before the meeting, was unable to attend and sent a letter of commendation and encouragement to be read before the club.

Mayor Fitzgerald directed his remarks with excellent precision at the duties of the college men in the present period of our history, showing especially how their aid may be utilized in the present campaign. Where there is so much unrest among the foreign element in our manufacturing cities, he said the comparatively small per cent. of the young men of the country who have the advantage of a college education should go out among the people whose language they have learned and by gaining an insight into their life render themselves capable of making them understand the proper course to pursue as citizens of the United States. He also recommended that our young men be educated in the use of Spanish so that we may be better able to maintain the Monroe Doctrine through the better control of business in South America and our insular possessions.

Representative Murphy said that the college man can aid greatly in their own districts of the country in bringing the United States through the present period of world-wide reformation and change far ahead of its condition at any time previous.

Dudley Field Malone, who delivered the main address of the afternoon, spent his time in giving a clear statement of Wilson's qualifications, politics, and accomplishments. He declared that the Democratic party is as much against free trade as against high protection and expects under the leadership of Wilson to reduce the tariff on the necessities of life by selecting schedules for the revision deliberately so as not to undermine the business superstructure which rests upon the tariff.

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