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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Dear Sirs:

While we recently skimmed the lines of your refreshing sporting columns, in ex-officio spirit, we observed with a sensation betwixt a start and mild amusement, the native boldness with which you have suggested a *frappe with our hither to unbeaten septette of picked icemen. It is not so much the mild effrontery try and subtle brazenness of this offer which has caused our cynicism, as the air of dauntless bravado with which a spirited journal can afford to ignore a succession of ignoble crushing and yet rise once more, weak and giddy, only to be pushed once more between the ropes.

Although at first, we paid little heed to the proposition, all our practice games being taken until late in the spring, a letter was read at a recent meeting of the Athletic Committee from one of the Crack Canadian Teams with which we were going to play our first game. It seems that they were such cracks that they had a split in the team, and are therefore obliged to cancel the game. In order not to disappoint the immense crowd who has already bought his ticket, and to spare us the bother of cancelling a tremendous order with the Harvard Brewing Company for that night, we have decided to accept your offer of a practice game. We warn you however, that we will come fully equipped with our own squad of us hors, referees, umpires, etc., who at the first instance of inadaptability to the new rules, will participator themselves into, and break up the game. We have also voted that we must have some pecuniary asset in order to counterbalance the tremendous advertisement which such a game will be to you, and must therefore insist that the gate receipts be divided among the winning team. Hoping that you will be satisfied with this, We remain,   LAMPOON HOCKEY ASSOCIATION,


*Accent. The CRIMSON Linotype refuses to speak with an accent.

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