Interesting Schedule of Lectures and Entertainments Arranged for Next Two Months.

Dates for the various lectures and entertainments to be held in the Union during the next two months have been definitely arranged. No plans have been made for the mid-year period but on February 12 Professor Copeland will give a reading.

Dean Walter Taylor Sumner, chairman of the Chicago Municipal Vice Commission, will deliver a lecture on "Efficient Citizenship" in the Living Room on February 17. As has been already announced, Professor Bliss Perry will speak in the Living Room on February 18. He has chosen as his subject "Abraham Lincoln."

The Delta Upsilon play will be given in the Union on March 17. The dates of the Hasty Pudding and Pi Eta plays have not yet been definitely arranged.

Below is printed the complete list of the entertainments offered to the members of the Union during February and March, the dates of which have been definitely settled:

February 12--Reading by Professor Copeland.


February 13--Harvard Forum.

February 17--Dean Walter Taylor Sumner on "Efficient Citizenship."

February 18--Professor Bliss Perry on "Abraham Lincoln."

February 21--Pierian Sodality Pop Concert.

March 5--Harvard Forum.

March 12--Reading by Professor Copeland.

March 17--Delta Upsilon Play.

March 18--Dr. John Mason Little, Jr., '97 on "Service Under Dr. Grenfell."

March 19--Harvard Forum.

March 26--Reading by Professor Copeland.