University Track Team's First Indoor Meet Will Give New Men a Hard Try-Out.

The annual indoor meet of the Coast, Artillery will be held at the Armory on Irvington street, Boston, this evening at 7.15 o'clock. About 400 entries have been received and most of the New England colleges will be represented in the relay races. In addition, a number of unattached competitors will figure.

The University team will have entries in practically all of the events and this meet should afford Coach Donovan abundant opportunity to get a line on the new material. The long and short distance relay teams will meet teams selected from the B. A. A., while the Freshmen will run against English High School.

The following is the list of Harvard entries:

75-yard dash.--J. J. Abbot '14, W. G. Brackett '14, D. C. Watson '16, J. A. Garvey '14, W. Mayger '16. P. G. M. Austin '13, W. Whitney '16, W. Rollins '16, R. S. de Gozzaldi '13, J. L. Foley '15.

440-yard dash.--F. W. Capper '15, F. C. Rock '15, F. Wheeler '16, W. Rollins '16, R. G. Huling '13, W. B. Adams '13, F. J. O'Brien '14, T. R. Pennypacker '16, F. T. Lloyd '16, W. Mayger '16, W. Whitney '16, G. H. Whitney '15, G. Lamont '16, R. H. Delafield '16, H. H. Shaw '16, D. C. Watson '16, N. Morse '16, J. I. Abbott '14, E. McC. Peters '16, K. F. Pantzer '14, W. R. Bullard '16, C. F. Farrington '16, J. R. Hunneman '14.


880-yard run.--F. W. Capper '15, W. M. Danner '13, F. H. Blackman '14, B. V. Zamore '15, W. M. McKim '16, C. E. Boutelle '13, P. S. Bliss '14, J. C. Rock '15, E. P. Stone '15, A. C. Hawkes '14, Q. Reynolds '14, J. R. Abbott '14, W. A. Peckham '14, P. F. Brundage '14.

One-mile run.--F. W. Copeland '13, A. R. Boynton '14, B. S. Carter '15, F. H. Blackman '14.

University 390-yard relay team.--W. A. Barron, Jr., '14, F. J. O'Brien '14, F. W. B. Adams '13, R. G. Huling '13, F. W. Capper '15, E. P. Stone '15, J. I. Abbott '14, J. C. Rock '15.

University 780-yard relay team.--H. P. Lawless '13, T. W. Koch '13, H. M. Warren '13, H. G. MacLure '15, F. W. Capper '15, E. P. Stone '15, A. C. Hawkes '14, W. M. Danner '13.

Freshman relay team.--W. J. Bingham, A. Biddle, W. W. Kent, W. Rollins, F. Wheeler, T. R. Pennypacker, F. T. Lloyd, G. Lamont.

High jump.--A. W. Moffat '13, A. D. Chandler '14, T. L. de Camp '16, M. L. Hodgson '16, F. H. Mahn '15.

70-yard hurdles.--J. O. Johnstone '16, T. O. Freeman '14, J. B. Cummings '13, F. Brooks '15, A. L. Jackson '14, W. G. Brackett, Jr., '14, W. W. Mansfield '15, P. G. Courtney '15.