Crimson Calendar

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Monday, January 27.

Second half year begins in the School of Business Administration.

10.30.--Meeting of President and Fellows at 50 State street, Boston.

2.30.--**King's Chapel Lecture on "The Quest of Salvation in the Greek and Roman World. IV. Christianity," by Professor, Clifford H. Moore, in King's Chapel, Boston.


4.30.--Running high jump competition.

4.30.--**Lecture (in French) on "Chansons italiennes inedites du XIV et chansons francaises du XV siecle," by Professor Jean Beck, in the Fogg Lecture Room.

8.15.--**Hockey game with Massachusetts Agricultural College.

8.15.--**Craig Prize Play at Castle Square Theatre.

Tuesday, January 28.

Mid-year examinations begin in the Medical and Dental Schools.

4.30.--**Lecture on "La naissance de Popera en France," by Professor Jean Beck, in the Fogg Lecture Room.

Wednesday, January 29.

4.30.--**Lecture (in German) on "Das deutsche Volkslied," by Professor Jean Beck, in Fogg Lecture Room.

Thursday, January 30.