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Defeated Andover Saturday, 31 to 20, In First Meet of Year.--Times Not Exceedingly Fast.


The University swimming team defeated the Phillips Andover Academy team at Andover in the first meet of the year on Saturday afternoon by the score of 31 to 20. The times of the different events were not very fast, with the possible exception of the 200-yard dash, which was won by Gould of Andover in 2 minutes, 29 1-5 second. H. R. Hitchcock was the highest individual point-winner, having 11 to his credit, besides taking part in the relay races.

The Freshman relay team was defeated in its race with the Andover second team.

The summary follows:

First 200-yard relay.--Won by Harvard (J. G. Macdonough '13 H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, D. R. Sigourney '15, E. B. Starbuck '14). Time, 2 minutes, 53 1-5 seconds.

50-yard dash.--Won by H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14; second, J. Wentworth '14; third, Hurlbut (Andover). Time, 29 2-5 seconds.

100-yard dash.--won by E. B. Starbuck '14; second, H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14; third, Rosener (Andover). Time, 1 minute, 7 1-5 seconds.

200-yard dash.--Won by Gould (Andover); second, H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14; third, Allen (Andover). Time, 2 minutes, 29 1-5 seconds.

Second relay race.--Won by Andover (Wooley, Blackall, Allen, Bradley). Time, 3 minutes, 3 seconds.

Distance plunge.--Won by J. G. Greenough '15; second, tie between Ball (Andover) and Bradley (Andover). Distance, 50 feet.

Fancy diving.--Won by Gould (Andover); second, Bevin (Andover); third, Hurlbut (Andover).

Total, Harvard, 31; Andover 20.

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