Hockey Team, Though Slow in First Period, Has Easy With Amherst Agricultural Seven.

The University hockey team won an easy victory over the Amherst Agricultural College in the Arena last evening by a score of 9 to 3. If the University had consistently shown throughout the whole game the speed and power which it displayed during the second period, the score would have been larger still.

Amherst was far from a strong seven, showing poor team-work and a rather weak attack. Except in one or two instances, the University experienced no trouble in breaking up her rushes, which were almost altogether individual.

Amherst was the first to tally after 5 minutes of play on a shot by Jones made possible by weak defensive work. During the early part of the contest, the University could not seem to find its gait. Though the puck was kept almost continually in the opponents' territory, the shooting was extremely inaccurate, and the play disordered. The period was more than half over before Phillips made the first score as the result of a pretty display of team-work and a fast rush the length of the rink. Shortly afterward, Phillips scored again from a half-scrimmage. Then the play became more even, Amherst showing is best work of the contest, and remained so until the end of the period. The third goal was also caged by Phillips, who received an accurate pass from Sortwell after the latter had made a brilliant individual rush from the middle of the rink. Amherst made the score 2 to 3 just before the whistle.

Team Braces in Final Period.

In the second period, the University awoke with a rush, fairly carrying Amherst off its feet. Following a goal for the University within the first minute of play, scores were fast and frequent, great versatility being shown in the method of attack. Now the puck was caged on a quick pass from the corner, now on a clever shot from a face-off, now after brilliant concerted play by the whole forward line. Only clever work by the Amherst goal, kept the score as low as it was.


The work of the University was on the whole very encouraging. Apart from the usual display of strength by Sortwell and Phillips, the work of Goodale at cover-point was the most noticeable. Goodale has been improving with great rapidity, filling Claflin's place so well that the team is little weakened by the latter's absence.

The Summary: HARVARD,  AMHERST AGRICULTURAL. Hopkins,  Flanson, l.e.  r.e., Chisholm Sortwell, Gorham, l.e.  r., Hutchinson Phillips, Palmer, r.c.  c., Jones Clark, Morgan, Smart, r.c.  l.e., Fernald Goodale, c.p.  e.p., Noedham Willetts, Wendell, p.  p., Archibald Gardner, Carnochan, g.  g., Brewer

Score--Harvard, 9; Amherst. Agricultural College 3. Goals--Phillips 4. Hopkins 2, Gorham, Morgan, Goodale, Jones 2, Hutchinson. Umpires--Tingley and Norfolk. Goal umpires--Pellett and Carlton. Timers--Murphy, Woods, and Kelley. time--two 20-minute halves.