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Crimson Calendar

*Open to University. **Open to Public.


All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Friday before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Sunday, January 5.

10.15. -- *Meeting of the University Christian Association in Brooks House Parlor.

11.00. -- **Morning service in Appleton Chapel by the Rt. Rev. C. D. Williams.

3.00.--Organization meeting of a society for the study of the Jewish religion, in Brooks House Parlor.

4.00.--**Lecture by President Eliot at Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston.

Monday, January 6.

2.30.--**King's Chapel Lecture on "The Quest of Salvation in the Greek and Roman World. I. Orphism, Pythagoreanism and the Greek Mysteries," by Professor C. H. Moore, in King's Chapel, Boston.

4.30.--*Lecture by Dr. H. T. Costello on "The Logic of Science. V. Scientific Fictions," in Emerson F.

5.00.--*Physical Colloquium. "Recent Researches on the Photo-Electric Effect," by Mr. P. E. Sabine, in Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25.

7.30.--Meeting of candidates for the University track team in the Assembly Room of the Union.

8.00. -- Modern Language Conference. "Apollonius von Tyrland, by Heinrich von Neustadt," by Dr. Ray W. Pettingill, in the Common Room, Conant Hall.

8.15.--**Hockey with Ottawa in the Arena.

Tuesday, January 7.

4.00.--Meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in University 5.

4.30.--*Geological Conference. "Magmatic Differentiation under Gravity" by Mr. D. C. Barton and "The Grand Coulee" (illustrated by the stereoptican) by Mr. W. P. Haynes, in the Mineralogical Lecture Room, University Museum.

5.00. -- **Lowell Institute lecture on "The Fundamental Problems of Human Life. I. A Justification of Idealism," by Professor Rudolph Eucken in Huntington Hall, 491 Boylston street, Boston.

6.00.--Speakers Club banquet in Memorial Hall Banquet Room.

7.45.--Meeting of the Cambridge Latin School Club in the Trophy Room of the Union.

8.00. -- **Lowell Institute lecture by Professor Emile Legouis on William Wordsworth in Huntington Hall, 491 Boylston street, Boston.

8.00.--Meeting of Freshman track candidates in the Assembly Room of the Union.

Wednesday, January 8.

11.00.--Meeting of the Board of Overseers at University 5.

4.30.--*Lecture on "The Logic of Science. VI. The Ideals of Science," by Dr. H. T. Costello, in Emerson F.

7.00.--*Meeting of the St. Paul's Society. "The Place of the Church of Christ in the Twentieth Century" by the Rt. Rev. C. D. Williams, D.D.

7.30.--*Dean and Mrs. Briggs at home at 140 Brattle street.

8.15.--Fortnightly meeting of the Musical Club in Grays 4.

8.45.--*University Forum in the Dining Room of the Union. Topic for discussion: "The Harvard Union."

Thursday, January 9.

3.00-6.00.--Reception of the Harvard Dames in the Parlor of Phillips Brooks House.

4.00-6.00. -- Cosmopolitan Club weekly tea in Holyoke House 7.

4.45.--*Zoological Club. "The Physiology of the Color-changes in Fishes," by Mr. R. A. Spaeth, in the University Museum, Room 46, 4th floor.

5.00.--**Lowell Institute lecture on "The Fundamental Problems of Religion. II. A Defense of Morality," by Professor Eucken, Huntington Hall, 491 Boylston street, Boston.

5.00.--Harvard Divinity and Andover Theological Seminary. Preaching service by the Rev. Professor F. G. Peabody '69, in Divinity Chapel.

8.00.--*Exposition of Chamber Music by Mr. Whiting assisted by Miss I. Barbour and Mr. G. Castelle, in the New Lecture Hall.

8.00.--*Dean and Mrs. Hurlbut at home at 32 Quincy street.

Friday, January 10.

4.00-6.00.--*University tea in the Parlor of Phillips Brooks House.

4.30.--**Lecture (in German) on "Leading Ideas of the Present Time. XV. Art and Morality," by Professor Eucken, in Emerson D.

4.45.--*Graduate Chemical Club. "The Causes of Some Chemical Phenomena" by Mr. Farrington Daniels, in Boylston 9.

7.30. -- Dinner to the championship Freshman football team by Mr. R. F. Perkins '89, at the Brookline Country Club.

7.30-8.30.--Music in the Living Room of the Union by Kanrich's Orchestra.

8.00.--**Lowell Institute lecture on William Wordsworth, by Professor Emile Legouis in Huntington Hall, 491 Boylston street, Boston.

8.00.--*Meeting of the Philosophical Club in the Trophy Room of the Union.

8.15.--**Chamber concert by the Kneisel Quartet in the New Lecture Hall.

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