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With College sports in full swing, one might suppose that the athletic sphere of the student was full. Nevertheless, the University is apparently making a whole-hearted contribution to the "dopesters" of the World Series. Everybody has seized upon the seductive topic of the day, and the rank and file have massed themselves with the sophisticated veterans of baseball, all bent on solving a question of fine deliberation.

If you are a humanist, note the clouded brow of the gentleman from New York and interpret it as an element New York and interpret it as an innate of Quakerism in your ancestry, smile and plagiarize the subtle wit of the baseball expert. And when your neighbor refuses to be interested in the popular movement, be certain that he must have a species of baseball aphasia.

But when the smoke of the battle has cleared away, the tens of thousands will resume the routine of a commonplace existence. Then will the public, bearers of ever fainter murmurs from the diamond, turn back to incidental matters of state and nation; and, "Voila," the faithful baseball cortege has vanished.

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