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In the coming games with Washington and Jefferson today and Lehigh in a week the Yale team will have genuine try-outs of the team's strength. The eleven has been completely made over both in line-up and style of play and today's game should go far to show whether the Yale team lacked strong material or merely needed a shake-up and change in its attack.

In the line Talbot has been shifted to right tackle. Two men from last year's freshman team are showing up as dangerous rivals to Pendleton and Warren, who with Talbot form the veteran trio for the positions of tackle. Captain Ketcham has been playing at guard in offensive play and centre on the defence, changing with Marting, who has been showing exceptional speed.

The candidates for the position of quarterback are being coached by Jones, Hutchinson and Adee, three of Yale's greatest former quarters. The most promising candidates for this position are Wilson, Cornish, and Thompson.

Pumpelly and Markle, Yale's strongest veteran backfielders, are out of the game for two weeks owing to injuries, but Knowles and Ainsworth who with Cornell from Yale's first string backfield at present, promise to be the finds of the season as dodgers and line-breakers. Taylor, another promising candidate for the backfield, is back in the game after two weeks' absence in the infirmary.

Although there is no lack of end material, the coaches are having difficulty in developing first class players. Gile, the baseball pitcher, together with the two veterans Avery and Carter are at present the more promising.

Princeton's Development Rapid.

The last week has been a very profitable one at Princeton. The team has been shaken up a good deal in order to give as many men as possible an equal chance to develop. The coaches are now returning to the combination with which they started the season and expect to oppose Bucknell today with a better team than that which played Fordham a week ago.

In the line, Semmens, Haviland, and Trenkman are the keenest rivals for centre, while Swart, Heyniger and Longstreth as guards and Phillips and Ballin as tackles are all promising candidates.

The positions of ends are the great problems facing the coaches now. Lamberton and Shea of last year's freshman team, Hammond, a varsity man in 1912, Brown, and Finney are the candidates at present for these positions.

Captain Baker has been kept out of the backfield for ten days in order to test the ability of the men. Merritt, Streit and Glick promise to be first choices for backfield positions at present.

Cornell Meets Carlisle.

Cornell meets Carlisle, the most difficult opponent of the early season games, at Ithaca today, and is looking forward with confidence to the outcome. Cool at centre, Captain Munns and McCutcheon at guards and Williamson and Mallory in the tackle positions form a group of for wards as good as any who have represented Cornell in the past.

O'Hearn and Rees as first string ends have improved a great deal in the last week, while Mehaffey and McCutcheon of the second string are developing fast.

Barrett, the quarterback, is developing into a first-class kicker, both in drop kicking and punting. Shuler and Shelten both new men and Fritz, last year's right halfback show great possibilities in the backfield.

Interference Developed at Brown.

During the past week the Brown eleven has shown material improvement in every department of the game, the greatest of all, perhaps, being the development of a real interference. The whole team has shown a vast increase in speed, both in offensive and defensive work, and should be able to play a good game against Ursinus today.

Captain Henry has been shifted from fullback to left tackle, being substituted by Fraser. With Gelb at tackle and Mitchell at centre the most doubtful positions are the guards which are being sought for by Maxwell, Ward, Staff and Gottshall.

Overbaugh, at quarterback, has shown himself a good general and an excellent runner in a broken field. Casey and Bean will probably be regulars at left and right half respectively.

The two end positions remain unsettled, Blue, Bailey, Gardiner and McLaughlin all being used in the line-up with more or less regularity

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