The Christmas Vacation.

The following communication to the CRIMSON has been received from a graduate in the Law School:

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Since your editorial entitled "Vacation Complaint," asking for an extension of this year's Christmas vacation, members of the Law School have been watching for some word from the University authorities regarding the matter. The situation in the Law School is, of course, quite different from that in the other schools, because a law student who cuts before and after vacations merely misses his lectures and is not penalized. In spite of this fact, however, Law School men are interested, because each lecture is of such importance as to make them very unwilling to cut, even when it means four added holidays. Therefore, a great many members of the Law School endorse your suggestion, in order that they may have those four days with-out having to make so great a sacrifice. They hope to hear of the successful issue of the application to the Corporation.