Certain Phases of Court Work Will be Included in Activities.

The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, which was formally organized for the year 1913-14 on October 3, has decided to enlarge its scope of activities by entering court on simple matters such as probate, garnishment, simple contract suits, the appointment of guardians; etc. This is a radical move on the part of the Bureau, which has hitherto acted in a more or less restricted way, outside of court.

Ordinarily an attorney cannot practice in court unless he has passed the bar examination. But, owing to an anomaly in the Massachusetts statutes, the members of the Legal Aid Bureau, acting as they do without financial remuneration are able to represent their clients simply on written power of attorney.

While this statute cannot be taken advantage of to avoid being admitted to the bar, it fits admirably situations like those of the Bureau. Chairman Bailey of the Bar Examiners has been inter-viewed on the subject and has given his entire approval to the scheme.