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The film-flammers are with us again, book-agents, pedlars, calendar contractors and all; and the notorious calendar man has against made a contract with two eager young students. Fortunately one of them has not yet secured his bondsman's signature and may still withdraw; but the other one seems liable to find in store for him the same trouble that previous innocents have had before him. The worst of it is that, after the loss has been sustained, there will be no recovering from the confidence man, for he will have fulfilled his contract to the letter. For three or four successive years he has played the same game. His unlucky victims contracted for six hundred dollars worth of calendars (one thousand of them) to be retailed at a dollar apiece. The calendars were delivered and hurriedly accepted. Perhaps half or more of them were later found to be damaged beyond use. The contracts read that no replacements would be made after acceptance of the goods. Thus the first losses were incurred. When besides this it was discovered that there was practically no sale for the calendars outside of the Freshman class anyway, the dilemma of the poor dupes was forcibly brought home.

Morally unscrupulous as the calendar man must be he is nevertheless beyond the grasp of the law. And so all that can be done is to warn any men who receive his glowing offers to talk them over with friends and former dupes before signing the papers. The man who has carried on the business so successfully among Sophomores in past years was this year forced to find Freshmen to do his work. If now we can forewarn Freshmen, we shall perhaps run the calendar Janus out of his place in College.

If the Freshmen, and indeed all students, who contemplate entering any get rich-quick schemes would first consult with the Deans of the College, who are always anxious to help them, there would be fewer dollars lost and College careers reined by imprudent mock-business ventures.

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